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how do i cope at bedtime??!!

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littlelo Mon 12-Oct-09 21:12:53

Help! I'm struggling to get my 4yr old and 3month old to bed by myself, baby screams while i do oldest's bedtime routine and now its really getting me down!!

lionmummy Mon 12-Oct-09 21:51:28

I have a 3 year old & a one year old & I do the bedtime routine by myself a lot; this is my 'on my own' routine (timings are approx, just to give you an idea, am not mad clock watcher!:

6.45 - Bath on; prepare DD1's milk, get dummies, gather towels, nightware, nappy, vaseline, change mat etc & dump in bathroom.

6.50 - in the bath (all of us)
7.05 - me & DD2 out. Dress DD2, nappy etc in the bathroom.
7.10 - get DD1 out of the bath. dd1 & i sing to dd2 to amuse her (lying on changing mat on the bathroom floor still), dress dd2 for bed.
7.15 - Find small, 10 minute Disney princess something or other story on You Tube for DD1 - amused on the computer whilst I feed dd2 quietly in the bedroom
7.25 - dd2 down in the cot. dd1=stories, milk, teeth (although a bit stop start if have to soothe dd2 in the cot).
7.45 - dd2 settled in bed alone
7.45 - my dinnertime!

hope that helps! I am quite practised at this now and doesn't always go exactly to plan but leave plenty of time & it's ususally ok.

littlelo Tue 13-Oct-09 12:15:51

thanku!! Ineed to get my dd2's feedin time down and not feel so guilty leavin dd1 i think!! -the poor girl comes 2nd all the time now!!

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