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Baby weights at 4+months

(5 Posts)
shellmc Mon 12-Oct-09 17:20:22

Hi i had ds at hv last week for his last injections ohhh its soo cruel but all worth it.
He was weighed he is doing great and has gained weight right from birth not losing any at all, he was 7lb 11oz when born, he is now just over 4 and half months and is weighing 18lb half an oz. what are your babys weighing??

pigleychez Mon 12-Oct-09 20:01:46

DD at 4mths was 12lb 6ozs

Shes always been a slim thing and even now at 14mths is only about 20lbs.
7lb 9ozs at birth.

emmx Mon 12-Oct-09 22:56:55

Hey Pigley Chez!

Shellmc - my boy is 20 weeks now (born 30 May) and weighed 7lb 10oz at birth. He was weighed on Tuesday last week at 13lb 6oz! What a difference! I'm always worried he's not putting enough weight on - even one of he babies in our group who was born 6 weeks after him (and weighed only 6lb 3oz at birth) is catching him up! There is also a girl in my group born 5 days after him at 8lb 1oz who now weighs nearly 15lb and I do worry it is affecting his development - I changed her nappy the other week while I looked after her for half an hour for her mother and she was practically crawling off the changing mat! My boy just lies there (good as gold??) playing with his feet which he has just discovered in the last few days. My husband is 6' 4" tall and I'm 5' 6" and neither of us is petite if you know what I mean ; ) .... He's just a slim jim iykwim - no fat on him!

pippel Tue 13-Oct-09 08:53:32

my dd2 is 19 weeks tomorrow (I had to look at the calendar to work that out blush)

She was 7lb 5oz born and when she was weighed on the 6th she was 14lb 6oz

TeenyTinyToria Tue 13-Oct-09 09:02:37

My dd was 8lb 1oz at birth, and she's 15lb 6oz at 15 and a half weeks. I worry she's putting on too much weight, but have been told she's fine.

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