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first time to the dentist ???

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Denmark Fri 10-Jun-05 18:45:57

How old before you take your child to the dentist the first time ? Just wondering .....

hunkermunker Fri 10-Jun-05 18:48:44

DS went a couple of months ago - he's 14mo. Just to get him used to the idea of going, really. The dentist just looked at his teeth very briefly.

AnnieQ Fri 10-Jun-05 18:48:48

I was told off when I took my dd for the first time when she was 3, because apparently they should start seeing the dentist as soon as they have all of their teeth.

feelingold Fri 10-Jun-05 19:14:53

As soon as both of mine got teeth my dentist gave them an appointment everytime I had one, just so that they got used to going there and used to him. He would briefly look in their mouths whilst they were in their pushchair and then give them a sticker for being good (and a balloon when they got older). We always have a family appointment and they both sit in the 'big chair' with no problems and even take the dentist pictures they have drawn and he always put them up on the wall.
It is never too soon to take them just so they get used to the place and do not become scared.

manicmuvvaof3 Sun 12-Jun-05 12:25:32

Hi - can I suggest a book we found really good for our DSs? We even lent it to a couple of friends who also thought it was a help - called "Open Wide - my first trip to the dentist" by Jen Green, illus by Mike Gordon and published by Wayland. They also do books on moving house, new baby, 1st day at school etc. Also when mine were younger I used to take a new toothbrush (eg Buzz Lightyear or whatever they were into at the time) and pass it to the Dental Nurse to "give" them for being good - bribery always works with ours! HTH

Rarrie Mon 13-Jun-05 01:06:42

Mine was 18 months. She had a ride in the dentist's chair, was given a sticker and kept her gob firmly clamped throughout!

My dentist said there was little point before 18 months as they don;t remember previous visits and they so rarely get the chance to have a decent look at their teeth!


Ameriscot2005 Mon 13-Jun-05 08:33:04

Mine have all had their own appointments once they are 3 (that's the same here and in the US), but of course, have gone with me for all my checkups so are used to the routine and the surroundings.

I took DD for the first time a couple of weeks ago and she was so excited. She jumped up into the chair and opened her mouth really wide. All the dentist did was basically have a brief look at her teeth while he was counting them, so it took all of five minutes. DD earned 2 Barbie stickers!

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