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pre teen boys- activities

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bichonbuzz Sun 11-Oct-09 12:30:31

My ds is 12 and is into loys of hobbies which im v glad about but which involve lots of taking him places- eg he is into fell running ,fishing ,golf- feel like i never she my dh - despite sharing lifts with other parents.Trouble is we heardly ever get time to spend time in the house and i end up doing something with my dd which i love but feel as if rarley see my ds- i cant fish for eg !When hes in the house he wants to play on computor or watch sky sport and i just want quiet time with him to connect to him sometimes .We watch family prog tog and theother day we sat in his room and chatted whilst i drew fish for him and he shaded them in - it was a preciuos pocket of time ..! Im quite homecentred and maybe i should go out in the wilds with him but i actually have had knee op which makes mobility difficult some places.So what i think im asking is does anyone have any ideas how to connect with busy ds s when in the house-if he dries the dishes with me that works ! just need any ideas or shared -non screen!-expereices please.PS anyone know any good board games....

CybilLiberty Sun 11-Oct-09 12:34:50

Is he into Warhammer or anything like that?

Much time can be spent painting the models after they have been constructed.I love painting ds's models with him (geek alert) To that end , Airfix kits?

Also, please could you paragraph your post when you type makes it dead hard to read otherwise. and puts some people off replying smile

bichonbuzz Sun 11-Oct-09 12:42:06

ps just sold warhammer to fund fishing kit...!!!!!

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