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need suggestions - present for 5.5 yr old boy please....

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sleepwheniam90 Fri 09-Oct-09 20:37:28

done and over ben10, thomas, lazytown etc...

so any other suggestions please and thanks, looking for something that will engage him, £20-£30


DLI Fri 09-Oct-09 20:46:12

what about scooby doo? or just stick to things like cars/vans/buses/tactors,

flaime Sun 11-Oct-09 15:10:21

Try the imaginext range (ELC do them but also available at loads of other places). My DS loves them and although they look a little expensive they tend to have loads of accessories and are very sturdy and stand up to a lot of wear and tear!

The other thing my lad had when he was 2 was a crane on the back of a lorry and he spent hours and hours with his other cars having crashes so he could come along and save them.

Other big winner when he was 2 was a huge dumper truck which he filled with anything and everthing and was virtually glued to him for a year.

Didn't spend a fortune on any of them.

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