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lilaclotus Fri 10-Jun-05 09:54:15

i have been broody and i find myself fantasizing about having another baby all the time. i'm going over pros and con in my head over and over. obvious con is that we have very little money, but we had none when we had dd. arrghhh. please talk me out of it!

starlover Fri 10-Jun-05 09:55:43

have one have one have one!!!!!

jessicasmummy Fri 10-Jun-05 09:56:03

Go on... you know you want to.....

starlover Fri 10-Jun-05 09:56:47

hehehe do you think we're doing a good job of talking her out of it JM?

lilaclotus Fri 10-Jun-05 09:57:01

i've got to talk dh around first then!

Toothache Fri 10-Jun-05 09:57:30


starlover Fri 10-Jun-05 09:59:25

aren't we awful? LOL

have you broached the subject with your dh before?

Toothache Fri 10-Jun-05 10:01:26

My DH is easy to talk around.... he's just grateful for a bit of action!

lilaclotus Fri 10-Jun-05 11:24:07

i've talked to him a lot about it. he's too scared of what mind happen in the pregnancy and he really didn't like the baby stage :/

QueenFlounce Fri 10-Jun-05 11:24:57

How old is/are your child/children?

lilaclotus Fri 10-Jun-05 11:25:49

my dd is nearly 4.

charleepeters Fri 10-Jun-05 11:26:32

my ds is only 9 months and were trying again!!!!!!!!!!!

lilaclotus Fri 10-Jun-05 11:28:48

a few months ago i actually gave away lots of baby stuff we still had to clear my mind of the idea, but it hasn't helped.

QueenFlounce Fri 10-Jun-05 11:30:08

Tell him that the baby stage is so precious (although scary and stressful at times!)... its such a small space of time though.

Ask him if he can imagine NEVER holding his newborn baby ever again.... to never hear his baby say "DA DA DA DA" for the first time.... never watch them take their first steps ever again.

I said this to DH. We have 2 and he was determined that we would have no more. But now he's agreed in a couple of years to try for another. Its just too precious and heartwarming a thing to go through to NEVER want to experience it ever again.

lilaclotus Fri 10-Jun-05 11:31:41

i shall give that approach a try

anchovies Fri 10-Jun-05 11:34:49

Queen flounce, just pretty much read what you wrote down the phone to dh at work and it worked a treat!

lucy5 Fri 10-Jun-05 11:35:08

I know how you feel, my dd is 4 and I get huge waves of broodiness but then urge waves of uncertainty (sp) My problem is is that my dh is is broodier than me. As some might have seen on a different post i'm worried that I've left too big a gap. I think you know what you want to do, so just do it!

lilaclotus Fri 10-Jun-05 11:39:20

i think the gap wouldn't be a problem, more of an advantage. but yes, i swing from broody to doubtful. i got a jojo maman bebe catalogue today and cried while looking through it. it's like torture

bubblerock Fri 10-Jun-05 11:43:00

I'm broody too, but have had a definate NO from DH there's 5 years between my DS's and they adore each other, it took me that long to get over DS1's birth (ruined by pethidine), but DS2 popped out with no drugs it was an amazing experience, I was so in control and immediately after I said that I could definately do that again!

Go for it - your a pro now it'll be easy and I bet DD will be a great help, if you tie it in with her being a school you can get naps during the day with baby.

lilaclotus Fri 10-Jun-05 11:55:03

aww bubblerock. my labour went really well until they gave me pethidine.. i completely lost control and dh told them to give me an epidural.
i will have a chat with dh this afternoon. at least his definite no has turned into a 'i'd rather not' lately.

QueenFlounce Fri 10-Jun-05 14:15:59

Windermere Fri 10-Jun-05 14:46:43

Go for it!

aloha Fri 10-Jun-05 14:54:19

Oh do it! My ds is nearly four and you should see how he adores his baby sister (4months). It's so lovely.
And contrary to almost everything I've ever read, I really haven't found it more work having least, not yet. DD is a dream baby.

lilaclotus Fri 10-Jun-05 15:54:40

i got him down to "i don't know" now. i think it's progress

lilaclotus Sun 12-Jun-05 23:03:45

i got a 'yes' today. we're going to try from mid july!!!

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