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How to get the boiler to come on in the morning without waking DS

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TheLemur Mon 05-Oct-09 14:55:37

I know this is very dull - but other people must have this problem too?...

DS is a good sleeper, sleeps in til 7.45-8am most days especially now it's darker. However now it's getting cold in the mornings I want the heating to come on, ideally at about 7am but the boiler clicking on wakes him up!

It seems that any noise from about 6 onwards will wake him, I guess this is when they go into a lighter sleep.

I was thinking maybe there is some trick I can do like make it come on at 5am and gradually bring it forward so he gets used to not waking from the noise? Is that likely to work?

NorbertDentressangle Mon 05-Oct-09 14:58:57

Is it the sound of the boiler itself that he would be able to hear or is it the radiator in his room making a noise as it heats up?

If its the radiator you could always turn that one off at least until the mornings are really cold? Or bleed the radiators to get any air out which would stop them "gurgling"

TheLemur Mon 05-Oct-09 15:06:45

Hi Norb, thanks for posting

It's the boiler itself starting up as he wakes immediately it fires up. The utility room with boiler in it is pretty much underneath his room

NorbertDentressangle Mon 05-Oct-09 18:34:01

Not sure in that case but will bump for you and hopefully someone will have an idea

4madboys Mon 05-Oct-09 18:40:49

maybe you could set the boiler to come on in the late night for half an hour or an hour or so when it wont wake him and then the house would stay warm until 7:30 or 8:00 when you want him to get up and so you can set it to come on again then?

i sympathise as we had the same problem with my third son and it was a pita, our solution was to set the heating to come on in the middle of the night so then it wouldnt be so cold in the morning and then again when we were getting up.

a few weeks ago we went away to my mils and the boiler was in the bedroom we slept it, it was constantly clicking and humming during the night and my ds4, who is usually a fantastic sleeper, was awake on and off all night, we were knackered.luckily now we are home he is back to sleeping well

milkmonster Thu 08-Oct-09 23:56:09

Put a freestanding electric radiator with a plug-in timer in the baby's room to keep his room warm and only turn the main heating on wheneveryone's up and awake? - central heating only takes 10 minutes to kick in and heat the house, doesn't it?

milkmonster Thu 08-Oct-09 23:58:11

Soundproof the rooms - add a layer of carpet to the baby's room, and a soundproofed false ceiling to the boiler room.

Ah well, I'm trying to think of ideas!

notimetoshop Fri 09-Oct-09 00:06:02

Your idea was exactly what I do.
My ds is light sleeper. Gets up around 7am, so boiler comes on at 5am when still fast asleep.
though to be honest, it doesn't at mo because the downside of this is that it is uncomfortably hot

bibbitybobbityCAT Fri 09-Oct-09 00:06:50

Yes, agree you only need the heating on for 10 mins before getting up. Set it to come on at 7.30am. You'll be fine.

IMoveTheStarsForNoOne Fri 09-Oct-09 00:23:12

If you can, set the timer for different times each day (pref getting slightly later as the clock change approaches). The differnt times will help ensure that a new horrible wake-up time isn't brought about.

and to everybody else - 10 mins to heat the house?!?! hahaha..
we only have a terrace but it's over 3 floors and takes forever to heat up.

ilovegarlic Fri 09-Oct-09 08:55:24

My biggest problem is this - the heating clunks on its the pump apparently but Gas board wont change it until it actually goes!

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