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Using grobags with newborns/gauging warmth levels...

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Alittleteapot Fri 02-Oct-09 20:56:17

Hi, last time I didn't get going with them till dd was about three months but think they're so great might start sooner with ds. But the guidelines of what to wear are the same whatever age the baby and yet I thought newborns needed a lot more warmth, or is that literally just the first few days?

mumcah Sat 03-Oct-09 20:04:09

hmmm tricky one.I was amazed how hot the hospital was and then suddenly you're at home and paranoid about them being too hot!
I suppose the best thing to decide when to use them is actually weight not age.I think 9/10lbs is the lightest.So their head can't slip through the head hole.
I swaddled my DD as she kept doing that twitching thing,also it kept her cosy.

cheerfulvicky Sat 03-Oct-09 22:46:27

There is a grobag you can use from 7lbs in weight, it has a slightly smaller neck and poppers under the arms to keep them safe while they are still tiny. It still goes up to age 6 months from newborn, as far as I remember. We had two like that and they were lifesavers. DS constantly kicked blankets, swaddling etc off.

You regulate what they are wearing in their bag according to room temp, so get a nursery/room thermometer to start with. Stops you worrying... The grobag website used to have this brilliant chart telling you what to dress babies in depending on room temp, time of year and tog rating of bag. It was ace, but I looked the other day and couldn't find it. *goes to check again*

BikeRunSki Sat 03-Oct-09 22:49:27

There is a chart about what to put a baby to bed in accoridmg to room temp in the Mothercare catalogue.

Alittleteapot Sun 04-Oct-09 09:55:46

Hi there, thank you, yes i've found the chart on the website - just wasn't sure how long you worry about very newborns getting cold and at what point you could start judging their temperature like babies in general. Asked midwife yesterday and she said it's just the first 48 hours that you worry about them getting very cold. The min weight seems to be 7lbs for grobags so I'll get going with them in a couple of weeks or so when ds has fattened out a bit.

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