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Sleep issue with 2 year old. Please help, we're getting desperate

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theressomethingaboutmarie Wed 30-Sep-09 21:35:25

Our little girl recently turned 2. She's been a good sleeper from about 6 months on. We went to Berlin for a few days which coincided with her birthday. Even with our travel cot (which she's used plenty of times) right next to our bed, she would have a meltdown until she came into our bed. We figured that this was due to us being in unfamiliar surroundings (hotel room).

Since we've been back, she's been waking in the night crying uncontrollably (not just whinging, proper sobbing and sounding a little frightened). I suspect that she wakes and is very aware that she's alone. For the past week and a half, she's been a terror to get to bed (cries as soon as we put her down, even if she's fallen asleep in our arms). When she does get to bed, it's pretty much guaranteed that she'll be wide awake and screaming for us anytime from 3am at which point, we've brought her to our bed.

Can anyone help us get through this? AFter 4 attempts to put her to bed tonight, she's still sitting up with us and snuggled into my husbands arms. We're exhausted and frustrated. Any suggestions?

FishInMyHair Wed 30-Sep-09 22:04:05

So many things that can be suggested.
I would say, see how it goes for a couple of nights. It is hard when things have been ok for a while. See if she settles down.
However, seems to be loads of different things you can do, lots of heated discussions on here about different methods.
With ds we tried settling him and returning to him after 5 mins, then 10, then 15 etc. At 2 she will understand when you say you will be back and by actually going back in after 5 mins she may calm down.
We have a light that looks like a moon that will turn itself off after 20 mins.
We have tried nite lights, which have worked.
Encouraging a lovey, like a cuddly toy.
I wish I could be more help.

busybutterfly Wed 30-Sep-09 22:18:11

I think these could be night terrors - Fish has suggested really good things to work. It's awful when you know she's properly upset and not just trying it on.
Am going to suggest something so you and your husband get some rest first though - how about she sleeps in your bed with you and your husband in her bed for a night and then you swap? You may feel a bit more human with a proper night's sleep.
Good luck to you both xx

lilacclaire Wed 30-Sep-09 23:05:57

When its 3am, can you comfort her in her own bed and then go back to your own.
I did this when ds waas young and even though I had to go through a few times to eventually get him to settle (sometimes he was still crying a bit), it didn't take longer than a few nights before he realised he wouldn't be getting through to my bed and it eventually stopped.
Its so hard when its tugging at the heartstrings and your knackered.

FishInMyHair Thu 01-Oct-09 21:28:58

How was last night?

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