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My child keeps being bitten by another child at his childminders. What would you do?

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pinkgiraffe Wed 30-Sep-09 21:11:34

My 2.5 year old has been going to his childminder since he was 9 months old and he is happy there.

Unfortuanately another 2.5 year old she looks after keeps biting my child on a regular basis. He often comes home with bite marks on his arms and hands. What would you do in this situation?

lilacclaire Wed 30-Sep-09 23:07:59

I would post this on the childminders thread, they should be able to give you some good advice about what the childminder should be doing.

deepdarkwood Wed 30-Sep-09 23:12:55

For a start off, I'd be asking the cm what they were about this.
How is she they tackling it?

(dd bit another child at the cm for the first time last week. The whole place dramatically ground to a halt until dd apologised, cm raised it with me, explained her plan if it happened again, discussed what we thought I could do at home to re-inforce her approach. i think she dealt with it well. And hope the other child's mother agrees smile Very different to your situation, but cm dealt with it strongly I felt.)

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