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Crawler safety with heating vents

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liamsdaddy Wed 30-Sep-09 16:42:18

Our 6 month old DS has just started crawling. We have baby proofed, but there is one potential risk that we haven't found a solution for.

We have hot-air heating in our house, there is a vent both in our living room and in the nursery at floor level. When the heating is on it can get pretty hot, say 50°C or so.

Since we have a pretty deep skirting board, putting a fireguard isn't going to work and there isn't enough room in the house to hide it behind a babygate. Pushing furniture next to it will just stop the room getting heated properly.

Does anyone have a similar system and/or have any useful hints to how we can protect our DS from getting sizzled pinkies?

3LegsandNoTail Thu 01-Oct-09 15:09:39

My parents have this at their house and I honestly don't think either of my two have noticed, in the same way that they haven't ever bothered with the radiators in our house.

Their vents are actually in the floor but it sounds like yours are in the wall? Why would a fireguard not work? They can be fixed to the wall so even if there is a gap the fireguard wouldn't be able to be pulled away iyswim.

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