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YUCK, YUCK, YUCK........does anyone want.......

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Gwenick Wed 08-Jun-05 10:00:28

a gorgeous 18 month old boy??? He's very sociable - will go to anyone.....

However, in the space of 30 seconds, he can reach inside his pyjama's, undo his nappy, then reach 'up' his pyjama's (short ones) and pull the nappy almost entirely out - depositing poo along the hall, and all down his leg..........

And then stands there grinning saying "hiya hiya"

Blackduck Wed 08-Jun-05 10:01:47

And for my next trick.....

Carla Wed 08-Jun-05 10:02:08

Go on then .... I'll give him a whirl!

Gwenick Wed 08-Jun-05 10:02:48

he's already done the pulling poo out of a done up nappy, getting out of a zipped up gro-bag, and squeezing through gaps like he's a mouse....

SleepyJess Wed 08-Jun-05 10:02:48

Gwen!! Quick.. buy all in one PJs... go to surf La Redoute urgently where they are in the sale! DS would do this is we hadn't thrown all his pj's out and replaced with only 'high rise' sleeping garments!! And he is nearly 5 so talking a LOT of poo!!!!

We had to dispose of a whole carpet and a rug once!!! Bllleuurrghhhh!!

SJ x

hunkermunker Wed 08-Jun-05 10:03:06

Oh dear Gwenick!

The incredible pooing boy strikes again!

ML will probably swap you!

Nemo1977 Wed 08-Jun-05 10:03:31

would love to gwenick but have my own 20mth old who does similair..usually accompanied by a poo eating dog..

Gwenick Wed 08-Jun-05 10:05:00

how do they 'do up' - these all in ones???

SleepyJess Wed 08-Jun-05 10:05:24

My DS actually ate some poo!!! Was so ashamed for ages that I told nobody except his paediatrican.. because I needed to check it wouldn't hurt him!!! Have since realised that lots of people's kids have sampled the odd bit of poo here and there.. and non SN children at that

SleepyJess Wed 08-Jun-05 10:07:14

Some at the shoulders.. some at the neck at the back Gwenick.. (there are the summer ones I have just bought..) but others are just like big baby grows. And you can out them on backwards to help avoid Houdini-style escapes. There are threads on the SN board about this.. Some mums have sellotaped their kids into their nappies.. and SEWN them into their PJs!

Gwenick Wed 08-Jun-05 10:11:01

Some mums have sellotaped their kids into their nappies.. and SEWN them into their PJs!

I think that's the way we'd have to go !!!

Last week we started putting on his fleecy 'waistcoat' jacket type thing (how's that for a description LOL) on back to front - with the zip at the back (because Zips at the front, and poppers are easy game now )- and he's already making serious attempts to undo it ARGHHHHH

And can you believe I still want a no.3 !!!

Bugsy2 Wed 08-Jun-05 10:32:26

Has to be all in ones Gwenick! I know its getting warmer, but buy cheap ones and chop the arms off if necessary.
My dd was a poo eater. She'd do some houdini wiggle thing out of her pjs & nappy and then scoff it - so gross!!! Even at just over 3, she has to be supervised on the loo, so she doesn't start fishing around for a quick nibble!!!!!
Sooooooooooo, it could be worse.

Gwenick Wed 08-Jun-05 10:33:43

hmm problem is all the cheap ones I can find are done up with poppers down the front....which would be a nice fun game for him .

Oh well - as DH said "It could be worse, he could have smeared it all over the wall"..........

Blackduck Wed 08-Jun-05 10:35:30

I'm sitting here thinking - god how lucky I am - ds has shown no interest in escaping from his nappy (yet...)

hunkermunker Wed 08-Jun-05 10:40:35

Gwenick, I was posting on this thread, looked round and DS had taken his trousers off.

No doubt in a few short months, I'll be the one posting poo-smearing threads! Can I take advance orders on DS?! PMSL!

RnB Wed 08-Jun-05 10:43:38

Message withdrawn

Gwenick Wed 08-Jun-05 11:56:06

haha HM - ssem to recall you being rather smug when I had the last 'poo' incident

hunkermunker Wed 08-Jun-05 11:59:21

Methinks your powers of recall are a little shaky, Gwenick

Catsmother Wed 08-Jun-05 15:39:20

Is this an "exclusive" club or can anyone join in ??? (....errr, like we'd really want to !)

When my son was about the same age as yours Gwenick we'd gone away for a rare weekend break and were staying in a very nice B&B where they couldn't do enough for the baby .... (you know what's coming don't you )

Cue Saturday morning and grinning toddler standing up in cot at bottom of bed - covered - and I mean absoutely covered in poo ... face, hair ears, mouth, hands, feet .... not to mention the cot bedding.

There must have been a nuclear explosion going on while we were still oblivious in the land of nod 'cos there's no way a "normal" poo could spread that far !

It really was a case of "help (or something less polite), where the heck do we start ?" And, after we'd sorted him out, we then obviously had to clean ourselves too, and, make best effort with the bedding in the bath.

Bless her - the landlady was very understanding but I felt awful even though (obviously) it was an accident.

moondog Wed 08-Jun-05 15:43:45

Cm,seriously considered hosing mine down in the garden yesterday..

frogs Wed 08-Jun-05 15:54:08

Have you tried putting on a grobag back to front (ie zip at the back) and then securing the zip to the fabric with one of those lockable nappy pins? Worked for us with ds (for a while...).

Gwenick Wed 08-Jun-05 16:01:58

frogs - we did consider it, but he doesn't actually 'fully' escape now, and I've come to the conclusion he's like me.........I often sleep snuggled up under the duvet.....but with one leg sticking out!! And that's how we keep finding him one leg in, the other legs out

frogs Wed 08-Jun-05 16:06:58

I've always felt there must be a market for straitjackets in kiddie sizes...

fisil Wed 08-Jun-05 16:11:00

We put ds1 back into vests when he was into this - you know, the baby kind with poppers at the crotch.

I'll swap with you Gwen - I get your gorgeous ds, you get ds2. Actually, I'll do even more of a deal. I'll have your ds 24 hours a day, you can just have ds2 for 12 hours of the day - let's be fair and say 7pm - 7am. At least I'd then be awake enough to clean up the poo!

Gwenick Wed 08-Jun-05 16:15:39

fisl - we tried the vest - he can do these tooo........

and to make it even more fun, I was just down stairs making a call, he was hiding behind the chair, then suddenly 'appeared' trousers AND nappie round his ankles ARGHHHHHHH

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