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Advice with 11 week old sleeping please!!!

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pinkdaisy Wed 30-Sep-09 08:40:43

My DS2 is 11 weeks old, for 4 days he slept from 7:30pm until 6:00am, which was great! Then he started waking at 4:00am again for a feed. My friend suggested waking him at 10:30pm instead and feeding him in his sleep, but this hasn't worked and he is still waking at 4:00am. I have tried giving him a dummy but everytime it falls out of his mouth he cries, so am up 5 times in an hour putting it back in! Should I just go back to feeding him at 4:00am when he wakes instead?! Or being persistant with the dummy!!! And should I cut out the 10:30pm feed and do the 4:00am?! Help!!!!!

FernieB Wed 30-Sep-09 10:09:46

He's only 11 weeks old, if he feels like feeding at 4am, I would just go with it.

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