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Flat screen tv's- dangerous??

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YummyorSlummy Wed 30-Sep-09 01:49:15

I'm quite worried about the danger of my ds pulling himself up on the tv and pulling it on himself. Is there anything you can get to secure them? (tv not ds!)
I dont want to have to put ds in a playpen whenever I leave the room but am paranoid about this...

esselle Wed 30-Sep-09 03:56:07

Can you get it mounted onto the wall? My DS is 21mo and does this too. When we move into our new house we are getting our TV put on the wall.

Our TV stand is pretty sturdy so 'shouldn't' topple over but I do have to watch him, especially when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on and he needs to have a closer look!!

JeMeSouviens Wed 30-Sep-09 04:17:22

If you are going to mount it, get a professional to do it, otherwise that also can be dangerous if fixed to the wall incorrectly.

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