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Does anyone know if Direct Health 2000 in Eltham has closed down?

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Peanuts33 Tue 29-Sep-09 19:28:14

My son is due his single boosters and I tried to ring them but the number is no longer in use and their website is not working either.

My eldest son is still waiting for his mumps booster too which I have paid for so will be extremely cross if they have gone out of business.


FabBakerGirlIsBack Tue 29-Sep-09 19:34:04

They were out of stock with the mumps last time we knew.

Dh went on the website just now and it is okay.

Peanuts33 Tue 29-Sep-09 19:47:22

Thanks FabBakerGirl. On their paperwork it says but have just found it under .com Thanks for your reply.

sardean Wed 30-Sep-09 15:28:18

Those looking for Direct Health 2000 Ltd should look on or phone 0239 2000 999. Name changed in January 2009, all patients with email were informed. All old patients should send in their new details using the the form on the website or call.

Nix35 Tue 20-Oct-09 22:48:58

The name of Direct Health 2000 changed in January 2009 because it went into Liquidation. DH2 UK Limited will provide vaccinations paid for prior to 1 December 2008 but will not refund!!

I paid for my daughters' Mumps vaccination in May 2008 and have had two or three appointments cancelled due to no vaccines being available. My daughter is 3 and at nursery. She had no protection against Mumps which I was very concerned about. After much consideration, I made a huge decision and took her for the combined MMR two weeks ago.

My main reason for avoiding the combined MMR was that I believed three vaccines in one is too much for a 13 month old.

Now Sarah Dean has £126 of my money which I can't get back!!!angry

clare7403 Wed 21-Oct-09 14:33:45

I have just found out the same thing! I have tried every number and they are all unobtainable

I paid for my Son's Mumps Vaccine in Dec 2007 and kept getting my appointments cancelled. I did request a refund at one point aftar a year but, then thought i would leave it as he should have this rather than the MMR. Now I wish I bleeding well got my money back! I also asked them their advice on if this did not become available what would I need to do. I kept getting the same old crap information.

This women has done a runner with our Money and I hate to think how much she has got out of this. There should be someone way of getting our money back?

Nix35 Wed 21-Oct-09 17:05:06

Direct Health 2000 are now trading as DH2 (UK) Limited. Their new phone number is 0239 2000 999. You will still be entitled to your Mumps vaccine but they don't have any at the moment and when I spoke to her yesterday she couldn't tell me when they would get some. It seems the waiting list is getting longer and longer and I don't see how they will ever catch up.

Sarah Dean believes Mumps is not life threatening and that the Mumps component of the combined MMR does not work. I decided that my daughter was better off having the MMR than no Mumps vaccine at all.

Hope this helps! There must be loads of us who have paid money and have no vaccine.

clare7403 Thu 29-Oct-09 16:22:26

I have also decided the same and let my son have the MMR, what else can we do? we could end up waiting years! I am going to fight to get my money back as at the end of the day I have paid for something that they have not supplied which is against trading standards I am sure. Watch this space

Singstar Thu 29-Oct-09 16:30:33

Oh no !! Just read this with dread, I've had my two dc's immunised there and dc2 hasn't had any mumps and dc1 needs boosters. Same thing happened to me about appointments being cancelled - and they owe me £80. I complained to Sarah Dean directly when this first happenned - think I still have the letter she wrote back which had the company address (her home address) on it. But don't suppose writing to her will make much difference given that she's obviously run off with so many people's money sad

On a medical note if the dc's have had some boosters and nothing of some immunisations can they still have the MMR ?? Also not so sure I feel comfortable with it given all the research we did in it to decide on single vaccines in the first place. Don't really know what to do know.....

Singstar Thu 29-Oct-09 16:34:47

The address on the DH2 website is the address I had for Sarah Dean originally when it was Direct Health. Sounds like she still owns the company but under another name ? Is that legal ? Feeling angry now ...

Nix35 Thu 05-Nov-09 20:05:38

Sarah Dean basically put Direct Health 2000 into Liquidation and started up another company called DH2(UK) Limited - doing exactly the same thing.

I had an argument with her on the phone a couple of weeks ago whilst trying to get my money back. She is a rude woman with a big attitude and has little sympathy for those of us concerned about our children.

I called CBA who have been appointed Liquidators and I am in the process of being put on the list of Creditors, but have been told there is little chance of getting my money back. The company's details are:

Jodie Robinson
CBA Insolvency Practitioners
39 Castle Street
Leicester LE1 5WN
Direct Dial: 0116 214 0568
Tel: 0116 262 6804

They can still have the MMR if they've had the separate vax. My son is 6 and has had all separate ones and is only missing the Mumps booster. I am taking him for his MMR in a couple of weeks time. My daughter is 3 has had 2 Measles vax and 1 Rubella. She had her MMR two or three weeks ago and will be due for the booster in the Spring. My youngest daugher has had one separate Measles vax and I have just taken her for her MMR. She is not quite 20 months and I was really worried about giving it to her. She is fine and has had no immediate side effects. I felt I had no choice as I don't believe in non-vacination and there is no way Sarah Dean is getting any more money out of me!!!!

In fairness to Sarah Dean, DH2 will still honour vacinations that were paid for prior to 1 December 2008, it's just a matter of whether you are prepared to wait a long time for them. If you aren't like me, you are unlikely to get a refund.

Good luck to you all!!!!

diddun Mon 09-Nov-09 13:27:56

I have just found out about direct health 2000 going into liquidation because I tried to ring them to find out about my 3 times cancelled appointments for my daughters first mumps jab which has been going on for 22 months.I have now had to make the decision for her to have the triple booster done just so she is up to date with the other 2 jabs and leaving her with a small amount of vaccine against mumps.This woman should be taken to court and made to pay us all back plus extra as she is living quite happily I expect on our money and leaving our children unprotected.I hope the government realise they to are to blame if they hadn't started interferring in the vaccines in the first place these clinics would not be struggling to provide the vaccine coming in from the USA.Angry

diddun Tue 10-Nov-09 13:06:26

I have been advised to contact watch dog if you to want to submit this situation to them,telling them about your dealings with Sarah Dean email

Tasha100 Tue 17-Nov-09 13:53:33

Hello - i have only just come across this whilst googling dh200's contact details as I had misplaced them. I have really cross cos I spoke to them only about 2 weeks ago about the credit on my account and getting a mumps update (my son has had measles, measles booster and rubella with them) and they didn't mention about their situation!

Does anyone else know of another clinic locally (I live near bromley) that does single vaccines. I feel quite strongly about the MMR and want to continue with the single vaccine for my son (and also for my 9 month old twins). Any recommendations would be good. I know they won't be able to help with mumps but need to get boosters sorted.

Many thanks

SusieGr Thu 19-Nov-09 20:51:20

Message withdrawn

shelly41 Fri 20-Nov-09 13:00:13

I was supposed to take my son for his rubella booster tomorrow 21st Nov at an outreach clinic at the Crowne Plaza in Speke Airport, Liverpool. After following the messages I thought I had better call DH2000 and check all was OK. Surprise, surprise all phone numbers are unobtainable. I then tried the hotel, they informed me that this morning they have received a letter from Sarah Dean asking them to cancel all clinics booked for the forseeable future. It looks like they have gone under again. Guess there is no chance of getting my money back!!

Cymraeg77 Fri 20-Nov-09 16:58:51

She owes us £270 in total for our 4 year old (who we paid for in November 2007) for mumps and also for our youngest unvaccinated daughter for whom we paid for in January 2009 when this bitch knew she was going under. We had a call on August 1st telling us that the Doctors have swine flu and wont be able to administer the vaccines in Cardiff, how convenient! We have just contacted the insolvency company below, we wont our 4 year olds money back, but there is a glimmer of hope for our youngests money. Knowing that our kids are not protected and taking our money proves she is scum and deserves to have the shit beaten out of her! When ever we had the vaccines with our 2 older kids, the 2 numpties sitting behind the desk were always rude.......

cymraeg09 Sat 21-Nov-09 20:16:58

I'm livid at the way I've been treated by direct health 2000 or DH2 they are known as now. I paid for mumps in October 2007 for my son, this appointment was cancelled several times. My GP contacted me personally urging me to give my son the 3-1 as he was due to start school this September, so this is what I did. I wrote to direct health with a copy of my sons immunisation sheet as requested by them as they needed proof this had been done. This was back in June. I have spoken to them several times since and was assured that my refund was on it's way. I last spoke to them a months ago,but then I came accross this forum. My heart sank, the amount it costs to have the mumps might be pennies for someone else but is a lot of money for me. I saw that someone said contacting watchdog would be a way forward to expose this company, so this is exactly what I did....... Child health obviously means a damn thing to these people.

dandelions Mon 23-Nov-09 17:55:08

I'm not surprised at them, we have used desumo who are a group of parents who set up a single vaccine clinic for it to be user friendly and we've always found them really helpful, I don't know f they are of use re your current situation but might be worth a try

HelloTS Mon 23-Nov-09 22:19:03

Thanks to Nix for her message as I phoned the insolvency company and they have been informed that Dh2 is also in liquidation. If you paid by credit card you may be able to recoup the money lost. I feel duped by the company now and after looking after my children in the way that I did I am wondering if I did the right thing. My youngest has only had the measles and rubella and I have been advised by my health visitor that I will need to give him the full mmr regardless of the fact that he has already had some of it. He will also need a booster before school. My middle son is just needing his booster mumps (this seems highly unlikely to be delivered into the Uk - all politics in my view) and he also according to the HV will need to have both MMR's. Does anyone know if this is the view throughout the country or my HV wanting to win the MMR debate?

angryofealing Sun 29-Nov-09 11:25:09

DH2000 are nowhere to be found. My son has just turned 10 and due to have his last single injection...his mumps booster. Have just heard on the radio that the company who produces the single vaccines has gone bust as well so MMR is the only alternative it seems which makes the whole process we went through a complete waste of time and money...has anyone else got any further information and who else can do the single booster mumps vaccine in London.

angryofealing Sun 29-Nov-09 11:25:41

DH2000 are nowhere to be found. My son has just turned 10 and due to have his last single injection...his mumps booster. Have just heard on the radio that the company who produces the single vaccines has gone bust as well so MMR is the only alternative it seems which makes the whole process we went through a complete waste of time and money...has anyone else got any further information and who else can do the single booster mumps vaccine in London.

angryofealing Sun 29-Nov-09 12:04:36

I have sent a message to BBC Watchdog, and would urge other to so they get a wider picture of what has happened.

NK7eb43fe4X12544e4a781 Mon 30-Nov-09 13:13:34

I too am owed about £290 from the company for both my sons' mumps vaccine. I did call in September to ask for a refund but was promised the vaccine in October!! I have registered a complaint with Watch Dog and will contact my credit card company. Interestingly when my older son started his injections 8 years ago I'm sure that you only had to pay a deposit for future vaccines.
Not sure how the MD can sleep at night!!!

honeybunch74 Mon 30-Nov-09 13:22:28

hi my son was due his booster 2 years ago, and after hearing direct health 2000 had gone in to liquidation, i decided to contact another private healthcare who informed me that there are no single jabs in the whole of the uk and would possibly not be getting anymore at all, she suggested that my son has a blood test for immunity against mumps as he has already had the first injection and chances are that he would be immune. She advised i phone my surgery which i did and he is now having a blood test on wed this week, if he is not immune it means i have to have the whole mmr but she did say the chances of immunity are very high anyway. If you rsurgery wont do this for you, you can get it done privately for about £50, hope that helps,

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