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what time do Reception kids' playdates end?

(15 Posts)
Aranea Tue 29-Sep-09 16:26:17

... just wondering as I have one here and have not made a very clear arrangement with the other mum!

IsThisNameTaken Tue 29-Sep-09 16:29:10

Are they staying for tea? If so, between 5.30 and 6pm would be usual I think

iheartdusty Tue 29-Sep-09 16:29:42

we usually have tea then they go home about 6.

NorbertDentressangle Tue 29-Sep-09 16:30:14

Here it usually includes tea and ends 6pm

squeaver Tue 29-Sep-09 16:30:19

after tea

colditz Tue 29-Sep-09 16:32:29

6 30?

Aranea Tue 29-Sep-09 16:33:03

Brilliant, thanks everybody! Feel a bit silly.... this is the first time I've had a child here on their own and I don't really know how it works! blush

sowhatis Tue 29-Sep-09 16:33:35

6.30pm at my house. enough time for dinner, desert and a bit more play x

Aranea Tue 29-Sep-09 16:34:18

Oh, no, cross posts colditz, I hope it isn't 6.30 cos my dd1 needs to be in bed by 7!

ChasingSquirrels Tue 29-Sep-09 16:36:00

I wouldn't have reception aged kids back for tea personally, so would say 3pm - 4.45pm.
But I would have arranged a pick-up time.

In your situation it is anyones guess!

BigusBumus Tue 29-Sep-09 16:36:27

I feed tea at 5 and take them home after that, between 5.30 and 6, as bathtime is at 6 in our house.

Aranea Tue 29-Sep-09 16:52:21

I know, ChasingSquirrels, it was silly of me... I sort of assumed they would be collecting before tea, but then I asked whether she wanted to stay for tea and the reaction looked as though they had assumed this all along, and then I felt pathetic and awkward and somehow didn't ask what time they would be collecting in case it sounded inhospitable. Now I feel a bit wet and daft.

Aranea Tue 29-Sep-09 16:54:02

On the plus side, they are playing very nicely and there have been no arguments yet!

ChasingSquirrels Tue 29-Sep-09 16:56:37

lol - happens to us all!

I wasn't prepared to do tea as I also had a small baby at that time and frankly didn't want the bother of others for tea - so I said something along the lines of "Can you pick him up between 4.30 and 5pm please".
That time makes it obvious (I think) that tea isn't part of the deal.

Happily do tea now he is older and youngest is no longer a baby.

Hulababy Tue 29-Sep-09 17:55:44

When DD was in Reception pick up time from playdates was normally between 6-6:30pm. Always involved dinner.

TBH same now they are in Y3 too.

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