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5 year old with an unrequited crush!

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fuzzypeach Mon 28-Sep-09 09:38:31

My DD has just started school (and just turned 5), and although she has been in nursery full time since the age of 2, she finds it quite difficult to make friends. She is very bossy and she either has kids following her round doing exactly what she says, or if there arent any kids willing to do that, she will play on her own and ignore everyone else, talk to herself etc all day.

Anyway since she started school - there is a boy in the juniors who she has had her eye on and she has told me he is her boyfriend she loves him and that she has told him she is going to marry him etc etc, but she has told me that he just laughs at her and has been calling her names in the playground, banging on her classroom window calling her stupid, etc etc, which of course im sure is normal!
The thing is she wont leave him alone, she isnt fazed by his rejection of her, she is constantly writing him letters and making him cards then following him in the playground and giving them to him but he rips them up and throws them back at her.

Then the other day in the playground she got bitten by someone who just ran up to her and bit her shoulder whilst she wasnt looking - the teacher said no one knows who it was - but I cant help worrying it was related if she is annoying this boy so much....

I have tried talking to her and saying that if he doesnt like her back it is best to just leave him alone, but then she was making secret cards and hiding them in her book bag rather than just telling me about it. I dont want to lose her trust so early on, but I dont know what to do, do I just leave her to it so she learns herself eventually?

Mitchell81 Mon 28-Sep-09 10:22:10

Sorry that you and DD are going through this. Hopefully someone will come along who has some advice for you.

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 28-Sep-09 10:32:05

Have a word with her teacher, it could be mentioned generally in the class or at a whole school assembly. I have a dd who is a total maneater. (Un)Luckily her passions tend to be reciprocated.

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