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How do you entertain your LO? Inspiring ideas needed please...

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jeffily Mon 28-Sep-09 09:30:55

DD is 6 months. I've got another 3 months of ML and really want to make the most of it and her in that time. Any good ideas for things we can do together (also considering that the weather may not stay quite so good!)? At the mo we ~swim (at least once a week), read stories (she will look at two or three), go to story time and baby boogie at the library, go to the park and play in the sand, walk under trees, blow bubbles, swing/bouncer in the doorway, play with bricks, sing songs, practise sitting up and pulling up to standing.
I am finding that I run out of things to do with her and she gets frustrated with just being at home so we end up walking the streets for hours each day - which is costing me a fortune because I think 'Oh, we'll just pop in here, because I do really need another pink nail varnish to add to my collection of nail varnish that I never have the nails/time to use...'grin
Any good ideas?

sazlocks Mon 28-Sep-09 09:39:04

umm - sounds you are doing loads already IMO although the only comment is that it sounds its you and her doing this stuff together mainly. Its an obvious point to make but have you any friends with children the same age so you can get together with them ? Do you have an NCT bumps and babes group near you ?

whensmydayoff Mon 28-Sep-09 13:36:46

I would say the same thing. Get to know more mums, this will be very handy when she is a toddler.
I have a 2.4 year old DS and we do similar things. Swimming, Library ryhme time but now we need more entertaining (especially me smile). The days inbetween activities I just send a text out to all the mums I know. Usually reads - "anyone as bored as me" and the resounding yes's come in fast and furious!
We go to each others houses for lunch, coffee shops, swing parks, the beach etc but the best part is the kids interact now and we get to chat.
Do it now while you are still circulating. After swimming, ask other mums if they fancy going near by for a coffee. Same with Rhyme Time. Play in the toy section after it (if they have one) and talk to anyone who looks sane!

jeffily Wed 30-Sep-09 07:55:15

Thanks, good advice. I read it back and we sound like a right pair of loners!wink So I took your suggestions and swapped numbers with a mum who we met at swimming. We're going to baby group together on Monday. smile
I hadn't really thought about how she will need more interaction with others her age before, and that has really egged me on to sort it out, while we still have the time, as you say whensmydayoff. Funnily enough when we were at the park yesterday she was smiling at all the other babies when before she has always just ignored them! Thanks again.

sazlocks Wed 30-Sep-09 19:19:37

yay - well done you. I think that from now on she will start to get more and more enjoyment out of being around other babies and children.
Enjoy the rest of your mat leave

BertieBotts Wed 30-Sep-09 19:48:26

Find the local children's centre and see what groups they run - they are usually free. DS never used to be bothered whether he was interacting with other babies or not but now at almost 1 he brightens up so much when he has a little playmate, it's lovely

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