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Lotions and potions!!

(14 Posts)
AnotherHelen Tue 07-Jun-05 13:41:42

Does anyone still use Calamine lotion on chicken pox??? both ds1 and ds2 are covered (nightmare) and i have had so many people say no dont bother with it you should try sudocrem or some other lotion/cream but my mum says its good stuff use it!! im a little confused! - and about to loose the will to live! xx

lunavix Tue 07-Jun-05 13:42:47

I have friends who say it stings so badly their kids cry...

A friends dad swears by bicarb of soda in the bath tub. Another swears toothpaste stops itching instantly.

Aimsmum Tue 07-Jun-05 13:44:01

Message withdrawn

jabberwocky Tue 07-Jun-05 13:46:32

How about an oatmeal bath? I remember my mum using that on me.

motherinferior Tue 07-Jun-05 13:48:28

My childminder recommends calomine cream. And she's pretty experienced.

AnotherHelen Tue 07-Jun-05 14:16:01

calamine cream??? wow i didnt know about that! i will have to have a look out for it! i will try an oatmeal bath too! i have just been out and bought some piriton so they are drugged up and sleepy so fingers crossed!!! thanks ladies!! xx

motherinferior Tue 07-Jun-05 14:17:29

The cream's available in Boots - I stocked up on some when Chicken Pops (as dd1 calls it) was stalking the neighbourhood.

She knows her stuff, my childminder.

cerys Tue 07-Jun-05 14:18:41

Used calamine cream when all 3 of mine had chickenpox this spring. Seemed to do the trick. I got it from the local chemist, it was quite cheap too.

AnotherHelen Tue 07-Jun-05 15:45:27

Right i'll be off there later then to pick some up! my two are scratching and fighting like mad at the minute!

cerys Wed 08-Jun-05 08:33:55

AnotherHelen, how are your children today? Are they still fighting? Hope they are getting a bit better.

AnotherHelen Wed 08-Jun-05 11:02:38

Well you know kids! thay have given up fighting with each other and are currently fighting with me over everything! - i think im possibley feeling a little stressed out which doesnt help calm situations down does it? but i can always rely on my dear mum to say the right thing - she just laughed and said "ooh you could have another 2 weeks of this!!!" - thanks alot!! lol!! as for the chicken pox they are both covered!! - my only escape is mumsnet with my cup of tea!! xxx

cerys Wed 08-Jun-05 11:07:45

poor you and poor boys! My DD2 was covered in it but the other 2 had it mildly so it wasn't so bad for me. DD2 was awful for a few days but then felt better, even though the spots seemed to take forever to go. Her skin is clear again now, though. I did keep dosing them with Piriton which helped a lot.

AnotherHelen Wed 08-Jun-05 12:29:49

Piriton is great have dosed them both up with some, my mum has just dropped in and taken them both down to the beach for a walk and to give me an hours peace! - which is very nice of her - that'll teach me to moan about her lol!! xx

eidsvold Thu 09-Jun-05 06:26:46

we were told about the aqueous calamine cream - brilliant for dd1 (she was about 18 months old when she got chicken pox) despite being totally covered - including in ehr mouth, nose, ears etc... she did not itch... still put the cream on though. We were also given Piriton to use if she needed it.

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