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Nintendogs trauma-in need of advice!!!!

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MilaMae Fri 25-Sep-09 20:19:43

Ds just had a ds and Nintendogs for his 6th bday.

Bought a dalmation -great except we can't unlock the bloody thing. Just had to endure ds plantively calling Lucky for an hour then he burst into tears sad.

I then suggested we erase him to buy another breed which we did. Unfortunately ds had bonded with the bloody dalmation and was upset he'd gone -for good methinks sad

Just googled it and found a thread with a post from somebody whose dd had to call Twinkle for a dayshock!!!!

1st time I've relented and let the day dc venture into the gaming world starting wish I'd held out longer.

Is this normal with this game and has anybody got any tricks up their sleeve???


flowerpot83 Sun 27-Sep-09 12:48:07


Think the trick is to say it exactly the same each time. The game doesn't care what you say, you could call your dog Banana if you wanted!

But in order to 'teach' the dog it's name, you do need to be consistant with the tone/volume etc so the voice recognition software can work.

If your DS doesn't get the hang of saying things in the same way each time, the teaching part of the game may be a bit tough for him. But there's still fun to be had playing with the dog. Having said that, my niece (aged about 8-9 at the time) got far further with it than I did! So he may well get the hang of it!



TheFoosa Sun 27-Sep-09 13:16:09

don't they sometimes 'escape' - they come back though

tell him the dog has gone on an adventure hmm

MilaMae Sun 27-Sep-09 17:29:18

Update-heard ds plaintively calling Smokey at 6.30am yesterday morning, braced myself-then he cracked it!!!!!! He came charging in a v happy hector.

The highlight was when he did a poohmm ds nearly wet himself he was so excited. He bathed him today smile but sold his bubbles by accident at the 2nd hand shop-any idea how we get them back?

He'd better not escape.

Yes I know I soooo need to get out moregrin

Thanks for the advice.

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