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new Ben 10 fad - what among the products are worth having, or complete rubbish?

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time4tea Fri 25-Sep-09 17:56:14


My DS1 (aged 5, just started year 1) went to a (younger) friend's house where he had stacks of Ben 10 stuff. We don't get cable telly so we haven't really seen this before.

I wondered if anyone could advise me where is best value place to get Ben10 stuff, which is best to get (books,DVDs, model creatures, something else) and how to make it into creative play rather than a consumerism opportunity...

xx T4T

ThingOne Fri 25-Sep-09 17:58:56

Some version of his omnitrix watch. Lots of games from that. My DS doesn't have an omnitrix but he does have a (no Ben 10) secret agent watch which he plays all sorts of games with.

Lizzylou Fri 25-Sep-09 18:02:52

The figures are best, DS1 was introduced via a friend, it is now on ITV on a Saturday and Sunday morning.
Tesco do the figures, though there are loads, we have a few (and have been collecting them for CHristmas Tesco had 3 for £10 not long ago). Tesco Direct also do sets of figures for around £20.
I got a Ben 10 DVD from Asda for £5.
B&M Home Bargains are fab for Ben 10 pencils/stickers etc, they have loads of stuff.

DS2 is 3.5yrs old and has got more into Ben 10 (think because they share a name)so he has some figures saved for CHristmas too.

Heated Fri 25-Sep-09 18:13:45

Ds has the Omnitrix deluxe watch - cost £10.99, rrp 13.99 and has played for hours with it. I've haven't bought him anything else in the range as am battling the tide of tat, but might get him a Ben10 dvd for Xmas.

time4tea Sat 26-Sep-09 14:28:52

thanks all very much. wouldn't have thought of tesco (all weeny ones here with ready meals and booze only!) was totally shock at the prices of Ben10 stuff on amazon, esp. figures

thanks again

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