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what bad parents are we

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roisin Mon 06-Jun-05 22:59:29

I forgot to confess our misdemeanors whilst away at half term:

Picture the scene - we were visiting old friends - they have two tinies (0.6 and 2.5) and we were having an outdoor lunch. Dss (6 and 7) were getting a bit rowdy, so dh took them over to the local swing park, which is just over the road. We used to live there 3 yrs ago, and dh showed them the way carefully.

5 mins later ds2 returned to say that ds1 said something horrible to him. Nothing new there then ...
20 mins later someone said "Where's ds1"

Dh went looking for him, and found him in tears and very distressed walking up and down the street with a kind lady who was trying to sort him out
He was so upset he couldn't remember my mobile number

Orinoco Mon 06-Jun-05 23:22:50

Message withdrawn

jessicasmummy Mon 06-Jun-05 23:23:43

Orinoco - you're having us on aint ya?! That is PRICELESS!

redsky Mon 06-Jun-05 23:35:01

LOL orinoco

Reminds me - nana and grandpa leaving home for a holiday in australia. Grandpa and taxi driver load the luggage, grandpa climbs in the taxi all eager to get away. Taxi driver asks if he's forgotten anything - No says grandpa, just get going. Driver reminds him he's left nana still locking up the house!!

redsky Mon 06-Jun-05 23:39:22

roisin - I can sympathise with that one. I've done far worse than that - just grateful that ds 17 has survived my bad parenting.

swedishmum Tue 07-Jun-05 00:52:00

I forgot the baby was in the car today - back in UK after 8 months away. I'd been up the hill to the village 7 times for pickups, dance class etc and left dd with dh. The last time I took the baby but totally forgot, went into hall and chatted to a friend. Alarm went off reminding me dd 16 months was sitting quietly in the back of the car...
It was only a very few minutes but it terrified me. My poor little baby could have boiled in there. Extra cuddles for her tonight,

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