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Petition to No.10 regarding childcare arrangements! Please sign if you agree.

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fedupofthisnausea Thu 24-Sep-09 17:19:13

Not sure if i am allowed to post this or if it has been posted already but please sign if you agree. Here goes:

Two people provide mutual childcare for each other. They are employed by the same company to do the same job on a job sharing basis.

Following a complaint to Ofsed and a visit from an Ofsted inspector they are advised that they are commiting an offence and their arrangement should cease forthwith or face prosecution.

Ofsted guidance states 'You must register on the early years register if you provide care at any time for the early years age group and you intend to look after at least one individual child for a period of more than two hours in any day on domestic premise for reward. 'Reward' can be money,gifts or services or providing reciprocal care for another person.

The famillies and their friends have set up an online petition to fight this perverse definition and ask that you support their cause by signing the petition and circulating as wide as possible.

fedupofthisnausea Thu 24-Sep-09 17:20:06

Arghhh sorry here is the link:

Portofino Thu 24-Sep-09 17:30:52

That is ridiculous! Presumably there is no money involved so should be no-one elses business? Will sign....

fedupofthisnausea Thu 24-Sep-09 18:36:21

Thank you - i know, i think it's ridiculous too. Nanny state gone mad. Next our own parents will need to be 'checked' and 'registered' for looking after their own grandchildren. angry Actually i think if you pay you parents anything then this applies too. I might be wrong with that so don't quote me, but i think it's all nuts. I'd rather my child be looked after by someone i know and trust than a childminder i know nothing of other that some silly reports that usually mean nothing (speaking from bad experience i'm afraid)

GranG Wed 30-Sep-09 01:39:14

As I understand it, it is only illegal if the child is being minded outwith their own home. Although it would be inconvenient, might I suggest that temporarily Mums do the minding in the home of the child being minded. This might mean doing some of each other's housework as well as minding the child, but hopefullly this won't last for long.I assume even this crazy government will do something to sort out this lunatic situation, as they apparently want Mums to work and they won't want some of them giving up work completely, because it won't pay them to work if they have to pay for child care. If they would just think through new laws properly and word them sensibly they wouldn't get in this idiotic mess.

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