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Weening off dummies

(4 Posts)
Harrie Mon 06-Jun-05 19:27:39

I had a really 'sucky' baby from birth so I gave her a dummy and she is now nearly six months and seems addicted to it. Wondered about weening her off it so I can get her to sleep through as I think she wakes when its dropped out. She can go to sleep without it, with a lot of crying but at 4am in the morning I tend to relent and stick it in so she'll go back to sleep. I don't mind dummies as my 2 year old has one but it stays in her cot, but she was never as dependant on it.

jessicasmummy Mon 06-Jun-05 19:29:15

no advice im afraid but interested.

dd (10 months) has a dummy which we have managed to wingle down to bed/nap times only, but still wakes every so often (not every night, about once a week) when she has dropped it and wants it back...

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 06-Jun-05 19:36:29

We just went cold turkey with ours but that was only 2 months ago and dd is 20 months.

I remember dh and I saying we can't wait until dd can put her dummy in on her own as she was always losing it in the night but eventually she could do it herself so it was'nt a problem anymore.

The only time I thought going without the dummy would be a problem was when she went to sleep but the first night we went without she started with the nana (cue for dummy) and I just said no it's dirty. From then on it's never been used.

I have known some people who tie them onto a blanket. It worked well for those babies who had a comfort blanket but the babies that didn't the parents just tied it on to the corner of the blanket that covered them.

Hope that helps a bit.

Harrie Mon 06-Jun-05 21:04:45

Yeh, have tried going cold turkey and I can manage during the day and cope with the crying but I cave in at night, I suppose if I continue she will just get used to it. My eldest is nearly 2 and she has 4 dummies in her cot but never disturbs us in the night if she has lost all 4, which has happened, so I don't mind. I think she would do without anyway. To jessicasmummy, when my eldest was that age and waking in the night for her dummy we didn't go to her and she learnt to go back to sleep without it, she didn't really cry that much and she would be that sleepy that she just went back to sleep, and now is an excellent sleeper (touch wood!)

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