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My son is driving everyone nuts

(2 Posts)
TellAnyone Wed 23-Sep-09 10:27:35

My son is 8 and 10% of the time he's a cute, loving, funny little boy. 90% of the time he's like the devil's spawn.

He goes out of his way to wind people up and cause arguments, he's made our home into a battle ground, DP is constantly getting at me telling me to control him as he's upsetting his DS. I took him to karate class and had to take him out as he called someone a paedophile. He spat in someone's face also.

He got kicked out of tennis club as he kept trying to hit people with the balls and parents complained.

At school he is just as bad. He's only been back two weeks and he's been sent out of assembly once and thrown out of the classroom once as well as being involved in a fight during playtime.

I just cannot control him. He's seen child psyciatrists and they say there is nothing wrong with him.

He plays the guilt trip with me, says everyone is picking on him, the teachers hate him and target him, DP targets him and blames him for everything .. I end up feeling sorry for him and DP gets pissed off and says there is no wonder he is so out of control as I always give in. ... which I do because I end up feeling sorry for him.

He is going to be a nightmare teen. He already tells me to shut my face and calls me (and everyone else) an idiot.

How do I stop this thuggish cycle?

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 23-Sep-09 12:05:33

Bloody blimey, calls someone a paedophile? i doubt my dd knows that word and she can read like a 12 year old. I wonder why the ed psych didn't find anything wrong even though the teachers seem aware of his behavioural issues. Could you possibly video him in meltdown mode? No real advice, but hoping someone else will have.

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