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milkmonster Wed 23-Sep-09 00:25:33

I'm just wondering, how many pushchairs/prams does the average parent own? hmm

Vintage Silver Cross for newborn.
Nipper 360 Double atp for newborn and toddler.
Micralite Fstfold for toddler on buses.
Jane Powertwin tandem double, though I hate it.
Land Rover atp for off-roading.
I still need to buy a Buzz Wagtail, cos' I like the colours...
Some cheap, lightweight umbrella folding stroller to fit in nan's car.

Rochel4 Wed 23-Sep-09 00:48:09

you are joking?!

ben5 Wed 23-Sep-09 03:22:41

i had 3 in total. my first 1 lost a wheel when ds1 was 18months so got a stroller. needed a pram quickly and it was ideal when we went on holiday and lasted forever. had a double buggy when ds2 was born and when ds1 got to big to be pushed i got a buggy board for the back of the stroller that ds2 used.

Jumente Wed 23-Sep-09 06:26:23

I have had about <cough>53<cough>

Jumente Wed 23-Sep-09 06:27:10

...but currently have - erm - will need to do a count. Hold on please. grin

Jumente Wed 23-Sep-09 06:28:03


EldonAve Wed 23-Sep-09 07:02:50


oopsacoconut Wed 23-Sep-09 07:05:02

I have just the 1!

and no intention of getting anymore.

meep Wed 23-Sep-09 07:12:41

5 and 3 slings!

in my defence 3 prams are inherited as were 2 slings!

Reesie Wed 23-Sep-09 07:32:25

I have....

a silver cross buggy/pram system thing - I cannot lift it without giving myself a hernia. My 5 month old dd just naps in it.

a maclaren that was given to me that lives under the stairs - only used for holidays abroad.

A super light 3 wheeler that my next door neighbour gave me that get used when we go on long walks. Toddler and baby both use it alternatively.

I do have 3 slings as well though.... they get far more use!

sarah293 Wed 23-Sep-09 07:58:34

Message withdrawn

mwff Wed 23-Sep-09 08:03:15

2. the second is an all terrain 3-wheeler we bought for festivals when dd1 was 3. i have had many many slings though.

lizziemun Wed 23-Sep-09 08:11:52

Mamas & Papas 3 in 1 which i bought for dd1 6yrs ago and have used for all 3.

An unbrella single buggy again bought for dd1 when she got to big for the other pram.

And a mamas & papas double pram which we only got because of 'surprise' ds. As there is only 18mths between dd2 & ds.

cory Wed 23-Sep-09 08:12:55

Had a 3 in 1 system.

Then a buggy.

Then buggy broke under second child so bought another one.

So only ever one at a time. Also had an ancient backpack thing, that I used to travel in as a child.

FlamingoDuBeke Wed 23-Sep-09 08:13:20


I have two. A lightweight umbrella fold one, and a three-wheeler for walks.

And lots of slings. Where do you keep all your buggies? Where do you get the money to buy them????

izzybiz Wed 23-Sep-09 08:14:34

1. A bugaboo Cameleon.

Over the course of having 3 children though I have had many many prams and buggies! blush

4andnotout Wed 23-Sep-09 08:17:56

I have had dozens in the last 7 years for 4 children, but i'm down to a pityful 3 now.
Phil and teds sport.
Century side by side umbrella buggy.
M&P venezia single pram pushchair (but i have been trying to sell this)

Kayzr Wed 23-Sep-09 08:21:52

I've had 4.

Mamas and Papas Ultima which I loved and I still miss it.sad
Mamas and Papas Pulse we have for the bus.
Phil and Teds sport. By far the best pushchair I have ever had.
A little umbrella fold I got as DS1 didn't like the cars in Meadowhall.

Knickers0nmahead Wed 23-Sep-09 08:29:16

I have had lots and lots but currently there are 4 in the house.

A double p&t sport
A standard stroller
A loola (parcelled up to be posted today)
A single p&t E3 (parcelled up to be posted today)

Then that is it with pushchairs fingers crossed behind back

I have moved onto collecting buggysnuggles now.

StrictlyAvadaKedavra Wed 23-Sep-09 08:29:41

At the moment I have 5.

Twin Aria as I need a double on occasion
Bug Cameleon (up for sale) - loved it and would have another in a flash but it's not getting use and I feel sad for it
M&P MPX (parts up for sale as the chassis is fecked)
Tesco £10 cheapy for going on the big buses like coaches up here hmm
Quinny Zapp - everyday buggy

Over the years I've had shitloads though and I really don't care if that makes people go shockthey can feck off - I like having new buggies, latest newsest models, I can afford them, I sell them on to part fund the next, it's a harmless hobby in the grand scheme of things hmm

[pre-emptive oversensitive pram hun emoticon]

littleducks Wed 23-Sep-09 08:48:55

I have had three in total. a maclaren which was my first and the only one still going strong, a iCandy cherry which was a ddisastter all round and a p and t which i used for a year when i neeeded a double

4littlelions Wed 23-Sep-09 08:49:45

Down to a Graco travel system for the littleun but the 2+3 year olds walk everywhere we go and the 16yr old seems to be doing alright on his feet to. Had a tandem and a sling for awhile whcih was fun on the buses. I really don't understand the fascination with collecting expensive buggies, I'd sooner spend the money on the nippers

HeadInAWhirl Wed 23-Sep-09 08:49:47

I have -a silver cross coach built pram which I asked mum to get for me when 1st DC arrived to encourage me to walk off baby weight
-a graco quattro which we got as a travel system, again before DC1 which is lovely to push, now has a buggy board on it too
-a graco mosaic which I'm not keen on as its awkward to push but I got it 2nd hand and it fits in the boot when all 7 seats are up, and still takes the car seat
-a red castle side by side 3wheeler double, which I love and want matching rainbow stripe buggy snuggles for!
Does the double bike trailer which can be used as a buggy count?

LoveBeingAMummy Wed 23-Sep-09 08:53:06

Qunny buzz, with car seat, pram and stroller.
Bright pink £15 tesco one for when we had a problem with the other one.

I'm really suprised at how many people have, not saying anything bad, just never realised people would have that many.

gingerbunny Wed 23-Sep-09 08:55:27

we have 1 got it for ds1 and three years later using it for ds2.
it's a mamas and papas pilko p3 pramette, it does everything we need it to do, so there's never been a need to waste money getting other ones too.
If you get a descent one to start with, you really don't need to waste money by buying loads more.

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