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scream. how long can a 2 year old use pooing as a bedtime delaying tactic?

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Flumpity Tue 22-Sep-09 21:12:08

i am flummoxed. all advice very welcome here. our recently potty trained 2 yr and 4 month old (out of nappies a month ago, but in them at night obv still), has started a new regime of going to bed like an angel, only to decide half an hour later that she needs a wee and a "huge poo poo" to quote her.

So, we get her out of bed and she sits on the potty and poos. then produces another. then another. then another. each one has to be flushed away separately, bum wiped, hands washed etc before the next turd appears. her record so far (tonight) is 6 huge poos and it all takes about 40 mins going through the rigmarole.

she's always been a bit naughty going to bed and we fairly recently managed to get her (and us!) out of bad habits (endlessly calling out for a different toy or book or drink etc in the cot after we'd left her room and generally using everything she could think of to get us back once we'd left her after stories), so in one way i think she's cunningly using the poo session as a new way to get out of bed and delay bedtime. but on the other hand, there's no denying she does obviously need a poo poo because she certainly produces the goods.

is it a phase which will pass when she's bored of it???? driving me nuts, but i don't want to just ignore the poor lass if she genuinely needs to go. she was so brilliant at the potty training, we didn't really have to do any training at all, only ever had about 2 accidents and loves being a big girl.

how can i persuade her to go BEFORE she has been in bed half an hour instead?

help! driving me potty. literally.

cloudedyellow Wed 23-Sep-09 12:19:02

I think I'd be thrilled to think she was so cleverly pooing in her potty at such a young age!
I know it must be annoying when you want some evening time to yourself, but it won't last forever. I suppose you could try putting her to bed half an hour earlier and see what happens.
She obviously finds the bedtime transition difficult, which is understandable, she is very little, and I would be very accepting of this and praise her for the poos.

Flumpity Sat 26-Sep-09 14:20:11

hmmm. now its evolved into claiming to want a poo (having already had one earlier in the evening), but just sitting on the potty for up to an hour not doing anything. once we went in to see how she was getting on and she was asleep bless her.

if anyone has any experience of this i really would be most grateful. don't want to discourage the potty, but on the other hand, she now is definitely just claiming to want a poo in order to get out of going to bed...

mum23monkeys Sat 26-Sep-09 21:41:02

mmmm, I think one of mine did this for a while, or something similar. I think it was 'needing' a wee in the middle of meals to try and get out of eating the vegetables.

I think you may have to start bedtime a bit earlier for a while. And tell her that if she needs a poo it has to be done before lights out.

Oh, that doesn't sound good, does it? You don't want to put the poor mite off and traumatise her about pooing. But I know where you're coming from.

Maybe you have to treat nighttime poos rather like nighttime feeds from infancy - no chatting, no fun, no banter. Do your business, wipe bottom and back to bed, and hope the novelty wears off. It probably will as it sounds like she's just trying to get attention.

Poor you. I hope it passes soon.

Flumpity Sun 27-Sep-09 14:19:55

Hi, thanks for replying. good idea re making it as boring as possible. I'll try that. amazing how creative they can be, amused at yours getting out of eating the veg! X

deaddei Sun 27-Sep-09 15:35:59

Send her to Paul's...grin

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