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really dumb question I know... but what time should dinner be for a 3.5yr old?

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stellamel Mon 21-Sep-09 14:41:18

Sorry, realise I sound like a moron! grin. But what is the best time for dinner for my DD? I usually give it her at 5pm on the days I don't work, but the CM gives it her at 4.30pm. However the CM has now said she is not going to give DD her her tea anymore as she doesn't seem ready for it at 4.30pm. The trouble is I don't pick up DD until 5pm, so earliest she'd get her tea is 5.30pm. Is this okay or too late for a 3 1/2 yr old?

Sorry for muppet-like question, but I am not the greatest mum in the world, feel like I make far to many mistakes, so would like some advice on this one!

hattyyellow Mon 21-Sep-09 14:42:52

When my little ones were that age - they would generally eat around 5ish. So I would have thought your DD would be fine until 5.30ish - maybe a snack mid-afternoon at the childminders?

I'm sure you're a brilliant mum .

MaMight Mon 21-Sep-09 14:44:55

There is no right time, other than the time that works for you, your dd and your family,

My 3.5 yr old eats at 6.30ish because that is what works for us.

allaboutme Mon 21-Sep-09 14:46:39

We eat tea at 5pm, but it does vary a bit and can be anywhere between 5 and 6pm really.
If you eat at 5pm at home then 5.30pm sounds fine on days you are working.
I'd just ask the CM to offer her a snack mid afternoon in case she is hungry smile

meep Mon 21-Sep-09 14:50:28

dd1 is only 2.3yo and has her dinner any time from 5.15pm - has been known to be as late as 6.30pm!

She gets a snack at nursery mid-afternoon so that keeps her going. TBH she is such a dreadful eater that sometimes making it later means she sctually might eat something!

Can you get your CM to give her a snack instead?

there is no right or wrong - you sound like a great mum as you are thinking about what is best for your dd!

cockles Mon 21-Sep-09 14:53:24

Depends when she has lunch! But mine often has lunch at 11.30, snack around 3 and dinner 5.30-6.

TheMightyToosh Mon 21-Sep-09 14:54:02

My DD is 2.7 and she eats anywhere between 5 and 6pm, occasionally nearer 7 but only if she's had a decent snack in between.

stellamel Mon 21-Sep-09 14:59:24

Thanks folks - I knew MNetters would have the answers! wink

I'll get the CM to give her a snack instead and aim for 5.30pm dinner.

Stigaloid Mon 21-Sep-09 15:27:57

My DS is 2.2 and he eats at 4pm at Nursery. 4:45pm at childminders and anywhere from 5:30 - 6pm at home with us.

Days he goes to nursery i tend to give him a bit of toast at 6:15 when we get home and a glass of milk before bed.

ilovesprouts Mon 21-Sep-09 15:30:20

my dc has tea betweeen 5/6 hes 2.9

oneofakind Mon 21-Sep-09 22:27:11

hi my ds (3.7) has cooked tea at 6pm - usually give him fruit snack or breadsticks etc bout 3ish.

Gemzooks Mon 21-Sep-09 23:49:56

my DS is 3 and has cooked supper at 6 pm, he's had a snack after his sleep at around 3-4... best of luck. main thing is, make sure she's going to bed nice and full, not hungry!

Reesie Tue 22-Sep-09 06:20:49

My DC have dinner with us at 6 - 6.30 pm.

MrsJohnDeere Tue 22-Sep-09 09:13:53

My 3.5yo has his at 5.15, mainly because his younger brother (19mo) cannot wait any later than this. He's not a great eater (understatementr of the year) and would be fine eating a bit later than this.

Most of his friends of the same age eat at 6ish.

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