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Help... i think my 2 DS's have been posessed!

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neskwiknuggets Sun 20-Sep-09 22:04:08

So since he was born ds1 (4 years) has been a little angel, very easy to control and really well behaved.... somethings changed, he's started school and all of a sudden it's like i have a teenager in the house! He's got unbelievably cheekey, answers me back, doesnt listen at all to me, throws things around and generally is on one big power trip over his younger brother (2.5)time out doesnt work for him anymore and when i try and tell him off he just sits there laughing at me.... I feel like i've lost all control over him! help!... and to make things worse my youngest ds refuses to stay in his bed no matter what toys / dummies i take away... he generally copies his brother in the way that he reacts to me telling him off.. any tips? sound bad but i'm really not enjoying being a mum at the moment

ingles2 Sun 20-Sep-09 22:09:51

This is really common when they start school Neskwik. The strain of being good all day, doing what they're told, sitting still, really takes it's toll on small boys.. So they kick off the minute they get home.
Sit tight, it will settle down I promise...
but in the meantime, choose your fights and follow through on punishments.

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