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Dummies gone! Easier than we thought!

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chosenone Fri 18-Sep-09 15:31:48

My DS just 4 blush and my DD 2 both had a dummy at night and nightime only but both were obsessed! My DS would talk about needing 'dodie' like a true addict, we got them both to choose a toy they both really wanted and asked them to give up the dummy!

DS did the odd night before preceding to hide a stash in his cabin bed! DD wailed when she realised it was gone then suddenly one night we said 'right the time has come to put them all in the bin' we made a big ceremony out of them both throwing them in the bin with lots of 'yuks' and 'dirty's. The 1st night DS was beside himself for 10 mins so I lay with him, he's never mentioned it since that night, two weeks ago now. DD was fine the 1st night then struggled the 2nd and 3rd night so we lay with her 5 mins then its been fine since! We now have the toys they chose to buy though. Phew what a relief potty training next, good luck to anyone else about to ditch the dummy

MatNanPlus Fri 18-Sep-09 15:33:30

Well done and the DC.

UniS Fri 18-Sep-09 19:29:05

we did it last week, boy is 3.6, he chose a mini mouse ( to play Cbeebies games)as his reward, we promised to buy it AFTER he had sent his dummies away. he went dummy free that night. posted them off the next day ( pre arranged recipient who is expecting) now enjoying PC games with a mouse he can use properly.

chosenone Fri 18-Sep-09 21:05:21

wow a mini mouse is a great idea, might get one! Can't believe we waited so long really

CarGirl Fri 18-Sep-09 21:07:10

I'd love to do this but she just sticks her thumb in instead hmm

MissMoopy Fri 18-Sep-09 21:34:21

Well done, I will admit, rather shame faced, that my dd still has hers at almost 5 :$
She will not entertain the idea of giving it up - and I can't face forcing her to! Hoping she grows out of it or I will be buying her them to take to Uni!

UniS Sat 19-Sep-09 21:40:16

It did take a while from raising the subject (feb/march)to boy deciding he wanted to do it. We had planned out with him what would happen to his dummies and had in doing so sort of set a deadline of end of Oct ( when his baby cousin is due) because at that point he won't be the youngest IYSWIM and HIS big boy cousins don't have dummies.
We were not pressuring him just yet as we moved house a month ago and he started a new preschool 2 weeks ago. However it seems that the move to new preschool is all part of his " big boy ness" and in his eyes big boys play computer games and don't have dummies.
We have had worse bedtimes some nights since, and he is waking up earlier, but not having to find and wash the wretched things is rather nice.
Good luck to all those about to go dummy free with an older toddler/ child.

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