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Extended Paternity Leave

(3 Posts)
koninklijke Wed 16-Sep-09 14:27:01

this has probably been posted up elsewhere- but what do you think- would you like your DH/DP to have several months paid paternity leave? I'm not sure I would for that long, but I do think 2 weeks is a little short.

cory Wed 16-Sep-09 15:06:18

I would have loved that. All my brothers got that opportunity, because they lived abroad: dh would have wanted that too. As it was, he took a day's unpaid leave a week when dd was little; couldn't afford to do it again for ds.

nothingbyhalves Thu 24-Sep-09 12:49:20

Does anyone know when and if they will ever introduce extended paternity leave. We're due to have twins in march and i think i would appreciate having DH around

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