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Please give me some ideas on things do with my DS to drag him away from the TV...

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allaboutme Mon 14-Sep-09 13:51:57

DS is just about to turn 4yo.
I am worried that he watches too much TV and doesnt play enough. Am finding it hard to find things that he wants to do though.

He doesnt do 'imaginary play'. He thinks very literally. He is slightly delayed in his development (he saw a paediatrician a few months ago who said this and we are due back again in another few months for further assessment)
For example at toddler group last week they put all the farm animals out. The other children I saw playing with them were acting out animal noises, chasing the sheep with a dog etc. DS lined them all up in size order and then was finished with them.
Because he plays in this way he is very bored of our toys at home. Once they are in a line or in the 'right place' he is done with them.
He is fine at toddler group as they tend to have different toys each week so is still a novelty, but our toys, although we have plenty, are of little interest to him now.
At the moment I tend to manage each day by going out somewhere in the morning (different toddler groups 3 days of the week, visit friends one day and swimming one day). In the afternoons DS is at pre-school till 3pm, then he tends to watch TV till tea time, then bath then bed.
On the odd day we dont go out in the morning he will watch TV then too or play on his gameboy (which he is obsessed with and would play 24/7 if I let him)

I also have an 18 month old who plays with everything and anything. I am often playing happyland with him and saying to DS1 'come and play with us, why dont you come and help DS2 rescue this man from the fire?' and he always says no.

He used to like puzzles quite a lot so that was something we could do together that has a solution/right way of doing it iywim rather than having to use imaginiation, but he has really gone off puzzles now and refuses to look at them I even bought him a new one but he wont do it with me so still in the box.
He HATES any kind of craft with a passion. Drawing, painting, play dough, sticking etc. Wont even go near that section at toddler groups so no point in trying at home.

One idea I did have is a kids camera that I think he might like and I have bought him one for his birthday in a couple of weeks. It has games on it as well and ways of altering the photos you take. It is another kind of screen though, so perhaps not too different from his gameboy?

I'm worried that I cant seem to do anything with him or entertain him or him entertain himself unless we are out or the TV/gameboy is on.
I am SAHM and should be doing more with him, feel like I'm doing a shoddy job. Feel terrible when friends pop over and he is glued to TV instead of playing.

Any thoughts or ides?

KeithTalent Mon 14-Sep-09 14:00:09

3 yr old shouldn't have a gameboy.

Unplug the telly.

allaboutme Mon 14-Sep-09 14:03:11

Thanks for the ideas hmm

Anyone else?

Romanarama Mon 14-Sep-09 14:14:32

How about board games - they don't require any imagination. Things like shopping list and ludo are quite good for little ones if they can count and remain interested for long enough. It doesn't sound like he has a concentration problem.

gingertoo Mon 14-Sep-09 14:26:50

Don't beat yourself up - you're not doing a 'shoddy job'smile
If he was sitting in front of the TV all day, I'd say it was a cause for concern, but as it is, you're doing loads of activities which he enjoys in the mornings AND he's got pre-school in the afternoons.
You might find that some of his reluctance to 'play' is down to him being tired because he's been busy all day....after all he's been doing all day, he might just be ready to 'veg out'!!
It sounds like you're giving him the opportunity to play so if he chooses not to, I wouldn't worry.

MrsMagnolia Mon 14-Sep-09 19:35:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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