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Talking about death with a 5 yo

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captainpig Sat 12-Sep-09 21:53:16

My child has been asking about death, and as we are not religous, I have told her that nobody knows what really happens when you die, but some people believe you go to heaven and some people believe that you become a star in the sky. It's obviously playing on her mind, as she keeps asking me "but how will you find me mummy when you have died", and "how will I know where to find you when I die". I just say to her that I will be waiting for her, but she keeps asking how will I find her.

Anyone any ideas of what to say, or should I just leave it at what I have already said. We have read the Badgers Parting Gift book together.

jenwa Sat 12-Sep-09 22:09:29

ahhh, bless sad It is difficult. DD1 only 3 and I told her we go to the stars. Was not really sure what to say but she has not questioned it. If she did then I would tell her that when she came to find me I would be there waiting for her like you have said and that maybe as parents we know when they are on their way.
Hopefully someone will give you some more advice. smile

captainpig Sat 12-Sep-09 22:18:32

Thank you. Yes, if asked again, I will say mummies and daddies know when they are on their way and will be waiting. I find it so upsetting that she is worrying about this.

jenwa Mon 14-Sep-09 08:25:51

It is such a shame, its so hard to tell them about the unknown! She does seem to be upset about it which makes it harder. Hopefully her thoughts will be distracted with school etc and that if she does ask she will be reassured with your response smile

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