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Today I noticed odd behaviour from a mother in the park.

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totallynormalblokeinthepark Sat 12-Sep-09 20:44:54

Today I was at the park with my kids. I don't go into the park really as they are old enough to play by themselves now.

But i noticed one of the mums kept staring at me and wittering on about prisms. It made me feel a bit awkard so I moved around to another part of the park, but she just kept on staring.

Some people eh?

Lilyloo Sat 12-Sep-09 20:45:28

grin like the name

cocolepew Sat 12-Sep-09 20:46:28

Oh a thread taking the piss out of another thread.....hmm

TheBalladofGayTony Sat 12-Sep-09 20:47:19

you were right to go with your instincts!

totallynormalblokeinthepark Sat 12-Sep-09 20:47:36

It's a friendly pisstake cocolepew.

WhingeBobShitPants Sat 12-Sep-09 20:48:37

Hmmm. Are you a physicist? Maybe she was trying to get into your knickersgrin

alwayslookingforanswers Sat 12-Sep-09 20:48:47

I think it's a friendly piss take..........the "wittering on about prisms"..........

preciouslillywhite Sat 12-Sep-09 20:50:31

I don't geddit <wails>

Where's the other thread, coco?

TeamEdward Sat 12-Sep-09 20:50:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

alwayslookingforanswers Sat 12-Sep-09 20:53:15

no I don't get the "prisms" bit - but I suspect that the OP of the original thread knows something about it.

totallynormalblokeinthepark Sat 12-Sep-09 20:53:48

original thread

no fun though if MrsMH doesn't come over and have a pop at me.

preciouslillywhite Sat 12-Sep-09 20:58:24


paisleyleaf Sat 12-Sep-09 21:07:57

brilliant name grin

totallynormalblokeinthepark Sat 12-Sep-09 21:18:55

oh you're no fun mrsMH. I'm off.

preciouslillywhite Sat 12-Sep-09 21:29:05

totallynormalbloke- mrsMH is busy with a glass to the wall now, wondering what them lot next door are up to this time [double nosy emoticon]

junglist1 Sat 12-Sep-09 21:36:56

shock at your cheek and grin

MrsMerryHenry Sat 12-Sep-09 23:10:04

<<sticks out tongue>>

<<spies nannynick's Child Catcher van in the bushes and promptly reports him to police>>

Actually, I've been watching TV - see? I do have a RL!


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