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Help in the Home...When? How much? What?

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justlookatthatbooty Fri 11-Sep-09 16:22:28

Feel like I'm going to start screaming like a hysterical madwoman.... Have a 19 month old DS and a 5 week old DD. Finding it really hard to cope with long days with both, Ds's tantrums etc esp as living on 2nd floor getting them out of house to get DS to activities etc is a nightmare. Really short fuse as I'm up at night, intensive BF-ing and DS is having several night terrors a night and takes 2 hours to settle to bed at night.

We're not loaded but could afford a little help in the home. I don't even have time to sit and reflect on when and how much etc, how to strucutre such help.

Mornings? aFternoons? 2 hours each day?? 3 hours a day on the days when I\m home alone with both of them? What could she do, prepare food so it's there when I need it? What else?


FantasticMissFox Fri 11-Sep-09 17:51:35

Sounds like you need either a post natal doula or a mothers help type? I think both of those would be more flexible on days/times etc than a nanny would be. Check your mn local and local

HTH and a very anti {{hug}} for you

daxibaby Fri 11-Sep-09 18:06:41

Definitely sounds like you need a Post-natal Doula to help you. Where are you located? Have a look at

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