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does anyone else have a BF 1yr old who won't sleep through the night .

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Leenie Thu 10-Sep-09 21:34:50

Hi i have a one year old son who is still breastfed and just will not sleep for long, he very rarely sleeps for more than 1 or 2 hours, at night i bathe him at about 7.30 and feed him to sleep, it can take upto an hour sometimes to actually get him off, then he will be up again by 10ish, i feed him again and get him back to sleep, he will be awake by 1 or 2 am so then ends up in my bed as it is the only way to keep him asleep for the rest of the night,without having to keep getting in and out of bed, i know that this is probably not helping but i have to be up for work in the morning so if i don't get some sleep i wouldnt cope with the day.
i really do not want to stop BF him yet as i love our night time cuddles after his bath, but i can't help but think it is hindering him sleeping for longer, has anyone got any tips that they could share with me ???

Wonderstuff Thu 10-Sep-09 21:42:31

I faced similar problems, I got a co-sleep cot which was a great short term solution when dd was about 6mo. At about one I night weaned, I did last feed but decided no booboo between 12 and 5. In reality this normally meant nothing between 8ish bedtime and sun up. we had about 3 nights of sobbing then she did sleep for longer, sometimes through. Then we moved her cot away from our bed, but the side is down so she can get out, she never really did a cot with sides up and get really stressed and tries to climb out so we figued sides down would be safest.

I stupidly went back to on demand when she had chicken pox, and we are still paying for it a month later.

She is now 2 and will sleep through 3-4 times a week, I only feed at bedtime and first thing. Obviously she is much more likely to have a really broken night if I have work in the morning hmm

alittleteapot Thu 10-Sep-09 22:18:48

dd is two and has only just started sleeping through, and still only about 50% of the time. I tried Jay Gordon (google changing the sleep pattern in the family bed) to night wean at about your stage but never managed to see it through - she was just oo dtermined. if they are still feeding at night cosleeping is definitely must better in terms of getting some rest. if you're up to it you can try some of the night weaning methods. Sorry, no tips really as I just ended up leaving her to grow out of it herself.

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