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what to tell 2.4 yo about moving house

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nouveaupauvre Wed 09-Sep-09 21:23:03

we are moving right out of the area so a lot of things will change - not just the house but friends, playgroups, childcare etc.
so far we have talked a lot about the fact that we are going to live in a new house and because i thought he might be worried his toys would get left behind, i explained we would pack everything up in a big lorry and take it with us. unfortunately ds is so digger-obssessed that the only thing that has really sunk in is the word "lorry", and all the questions have been about that (how many wheels will it have, will he get to drive it, will it have flashing lights on top, etc hmm). all efforts to steer the conversation back to the moving house part of it are met with complete disinterest.
shall we give up trying? or is it possible that any of this is going in? worried that it's all going to be very unsettling for him

ThingOne Wed 09-Sep-09 21:30:26

All mine were interested in was the toy packing too!

Show him pictures of the new house.

Do a ceremonial good bye to the old house when everything's gone. We walked round and said goodbye to each room. They did both ask several times if we were going back but that was as much to check as anything.

It was remarkably stress free from their pov!

totalmisfit Wed 09-Sep-09 21:32:26

You need 'Moving Molly' by Shirley Hughes. Really helped our dd understand when we moved. Plus, it's just an absolute cracker of a children's book.

Tambajam Wed 09-Sep-09 21:39:22

How far are you going? Any chance you could visit the new area and show him the house from the outside and have a play in the local park? My son moved at 2.5 and was completely fine.
I made sure I packed up his room so it would be last on the van and first off and my DH set up his room with last night's bedding so it was ready before he went up there.
We visited a couple of times and got to know the local park and I made a little photobook (which I am slightly addicted to doing) so we could talk through it. There are some great children's books.
I think kids are more flexible than we realize. You are what is important and clearly you are going to be in the new house. He might appear to be disinterested because he's not actually that worried.

bevlin Wed 16-Sep-09 17:20:30

I moved with DS a few months ago (2.3). My advice is, don't make a big deal of it or that's exactly what it will become. Leave it at what you have said. Im assuming he has stayed elsewhere before even if it was a family holiday/weekend away or grandparents house? I think they just see it like that.
My DS thought it was all very exciting and it took him 3 days before he metioned going home. We drove home after a long day out and he said 'oh we are at the new house again'. I realised then he thought this was a temporary situation shock.
I just said, yes, that's where we live now.
My other bit of advice is if at all possible...Don't have him around on moving day at all. Once the stuff is at the new house get his room perfect with all his stuff and looking very familiar. Don't be tempted to buy new bedding stc.
We gave DS to my mum before 8am (she took day off work) and we ran around like nutters all day trying to unpack as much as possible and getting his room perfect and hid all the extra boxes and clutter so it was a home from home. Be calm (outwardly) and he will be too.

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