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encouragement to stay positive with fussy, skinny eater - 1yo DD

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noactionjackson Wed 09-Sep-09 14:14:39

So fed up of encouraging and cajoling DD to eat, she is lovely and very good at eating plainly cooked veg and fruit and we give her ella's purees mixed with milk and rice to ensure she gets calories, but I'm so bored of doing it and she is teeny so we have to keep an eye on her weight. So I can't just cut meals short, I feel I have to offer alternatives/pudding to make sure she fills up.

I find it so annoying that the things she loves have almost no calories!! Eg salad she'll chew a tiny piece for ages and will not have anything else in her mouth till she spits it out again. All peas, blueberries get chewed a bit and spat out. Purees go down but she's a YEAR OLD she should be able to cope with more than this. Ugh I know I'm whinging but I just can't be bothered. She is now in the habit of spraying food out of her mouth now rather than spitting it out.

SHe doesn't eat any starchy foods except noodles - hates potato, bread, rice. Anyway please encourage me to be a better mum.

Lizzzombie Wed 09-Sep-09 14:18:40

You are trying your best to get her to eat different things, but she is just starting out & its all a bit much for her.

My DS was the same at the beginning, it was a total nightmare. Whilst everyone else's children were eating full roast dinners he existed on fish fingers or marmite sandwiches. And its not much different now.

She'll get there in the end.

If its any consolation I used to be regularly found sobbing at the end of yet another home made meal spat out on the floor at meal times.

Good luck!

francagoestohollywood Wed 09-Sep-09 14:21:44

Oh I do feel for you.
My dd was quite skinny at your dd's age. For a month she lived on milk, apricots and ham, and in small quantities.

My dd liked simple food (with definite taste) and most of all wanted to eat by herself, so letting her in charge of her spoon/plate etc, helped a lot.

I also offered her food quite often, so she had a snack between breakfast and lunch, and a snack (or 2) before dinner. She liked eating while out and about in her buggy so I always had a banana, or bread, breadsticks etc with me.

noactionjackson Wed 09-Sep-09 14:28:53

thanks. think I will try her on those dipper things. Just wish there was something fatty that she would reliably eat. She doesn't like cheese, it seems, and I'm a bit scared to give her ham due to additives. What sort of ham did you give yr dd?

Will go out and get some easy finger foods for her today, I just get bored of thinking about what to give her and cleaning up the disgusting mess which is always utterly disproportionate to the amount she's eaten!

cheesesarnie Wed 09-Sep-09 14:29:47

i am the queen of fussy eating!when i was younger apparently i was sent to hospitals for tests to see why i was so tiny and my parents were accused of not feeding me(not saying youll get accussed!!)but i was just fussy(still am).i was force fed,had to sit for hours on end till id eaten said amount,etc etc etc.i think all this made me both anxious about food and delighted at the extra attention that i got that my sisters didnt so it kind of backfired!
im now 31 with a skinny,fussy 9 year old not going down the same route my parents did with long as she appears happy and healthy shes is annoying when ive cooked a lovely meal that she wont even try eating but if she doesnt like it,she doesnt like it.every now and then she might try something.her new favorite is plain pasta with a bit of cheese.she'd have it every day if she could!

so after all that waffling i guess im trying to say that its ok,your doing a good job and if your dd and active,happy and appears healthy-shes probably ok!
im weeny and so fussy but im fine!grin

francagoestohollywood Wed 09-Sep-09 14:31:55

I spent £££ on organic ham grin.
Dd liked croissants at your dd's age.

noactionjackson Wed 09-Sep-09 14:37:50

I suppose I just live in terror of the scales I guess, she is fine otherwise. Feel a bit sad that I'm planning to offer her yogurt on her 1st birthday as pud cos I'm fairly sure she won't go for cake!

And everyday I think about giving her chocolate buttons in the hope that she'll love them. Or chocolate milk. Maybe I'll make her some macaroni cheese instead tonight. I just want to fill her up with the right things!

Pyrocanthus Wed 09-Sep-09 14:40:19

It's hard when they're skinny, but she'll eat what she wants, grow when she's ready and she sounds like she'll grow up to have an excellent diet. I've been there too, and my DD is now a small, skinny 9 year-old who is as tough as old boots and eats like a horse. Shetland pony anyway.

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