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Being bored at home.

(11 Posts)
curtains Thu 02-Jun-05 19:22:31

Does anyone else feel like this? I've been at home for 7 years bringing up the kids, I've worked part time odd hours here and there to bring in money but nothing riveting. Anyway I always find when my dh comes in at night I get pissed off with him really easily cos he's been out all day with adult company and I've been doing the school run, the nursery run, the shopping, the washing etc etc.Don't get me wrong I've got lots of other mothers around here I meet for coffee mornings, but I know we get together cos of the kids, I don't see them socially as they're just not my friends outside of being a mummy. I've got a few very close friends but none of them have kids. Anyway I'm bored at home, but I can't work in an outside the home job until my youngest is in school, even then I'd need term time and there's very few jobs aroung my area.

I know I shouldn't moan but I get so bored with it all. And please don't tell me to join mothers and toddlers, I've been doing all that the last 7 years.

Where does it end and I get my life back?

stitch Thu 02-Jun-05 19:34:20

i feel like this a lot.
but i think it doesnt end till basically the kids are old enought to do their own running round.
i thin k the solution is to make friends that are your friends, as opposedt o mums ofo your kids friends iyswim.
i have a small tgrooup of such f riends and even though we met through m/t, we get together and do stuff for us, qutie often without the kids. still not exactly fulfilling, but not bad either.

morningpaper Thu 02-Jun-05 19:37:24

I feel like this a lot too.

Mothernature Thu 02-Jun-05 19:41:42

Been there done that, got over it, sounds like time for adult company only...make time for you and your dh to go out together,start to date again, then get things in order, is it possible to do weekend work or evening work for a couple of hours, some people need to do this some don't, i needed it, got a weekend job which then turned into a partime job during the week which fitted in with school, now they are old enough to sort themselves out more, you'll get there I did...HTH

curtains Thu 02-Jun-05 19:41:56

Most of the friends I've met through the kids are quite good friends but they've never worked whereas I've always worked part time here and there and TBH I just don't feel like I'm on there wavelength a lot of the time. They're not the girls I'd be pals with if I was single IYSWIM.

I suppose a lot of the time it is pretty mundane being at home, until the kids are old enough to do there own thing.

ssd Fri 03-Jun-05 08:06:10

I keep being told it gets easier as the kids get older! or in my case it'll get easier once I get a full nights sleep and don't get woken at th crack of dawn.

rosebud1980 Fri 03-Jun-05 09:43:17

I feel exactly the same my partner works away during the wk and im at home alone with ds 24/7 5 days a week.When dh rings up and we talk about our day I tell him how many times ds went for poo, what he ate , how long he slept for, that we went out for the afternoon to shops (to get milk and the paper), that I did the laundry all the ironing blah blah blah then I hear how he finished work early went to the gym, did a bit of shopping and is now at the pub with a few work collegues while im stuck at home babysitting. And when he rings up and im not exactly cheerful then he wonders why! Im starting to feel really jealous and resnetful of him is that understandable???

morningpaper Fri 03-Jun-05 09:47:00

rosebud: YES!!!!!!!!!!! It's totally understandable.

ssd Fri 03-Jun-05 13:47:46

Totally understandable Rosebud!

Can you leave him home alone with your ds for a few days while you have a break? Maybe he'd see where you're coming from then!

ssd Sun 05-Jun-05 20:54:10

How are you now curtains?

ssd Sun 05-Jun-05 20:54:39

Sorry and Rosebud!

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