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HELP - weaning/sleep routine

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Ginga66 Mon 07-Sep-09 16:48:46

I have a five month old who has been routine-less up to recently. However, he was wanting feeding every two to three hours during the night and I was at my wits end with sleep deprivation. I recently started him on rice milk (two spoons in two ounces) morning and evening but I am not sure how much to give and what time.
Mother in Law thinks I should keep him up until we go to bed - 11:30! But I have not noticed this makes any difference to his sleep. Also, I think that is too late as he seems sleepy around nine so have been trying for 9:30 bed. He\always wakes up around seven thirty and two times in the night i.e. bed at nine thirty, feed at twelce, three or four and six or so.
Also, no guides to how much and what thickness rice in milk? Have tried one spoon per ounce and he takes two to three. Do I need to give water with this and how much.
Want him fed with rice when I am out (usually for a bit between seven and nine) and when back at work - am.
How does this sound:

8:30 breast
11:00 rice and milk
Afternoon - on demand
6 - bath
7:00/7:30 rice and milk
From 9:00 on demand


eastendmummy Mon 07-Sep-09 20:18:42

I would try at this age to establish a bedtime routine as you will really need it as he gets older. After he's had his milk at 7, put him in the bath for 5 mins, with the lights down low, then into bed to sleep. If he has more feeds before the morning then that's fine of course, but do them in his room with the lights low so that his body clock gets used to day and night. Perhaps wait till he's 6 months until you start to introduce solids and then try to do it gradually and at breakfast/lunch/dinner times so that he gets into the routine of 3 meals a day with bm in between.

Hope that helps - a routine of sorts will make your life lots easier in the long run, but can be hard to get started.

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