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Kids, PMT, Please HELP!!!

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bobbyboboo Mon 07-Sep-09 12:38:37

I feel so dreadful today, got a terrible headache, (due on today) and just feel really grotty. I took dd to playgoup this morning ds1 and ds2 not back till tomorrow so they've stopped at grandmas. The minute I walked back in the door to fetch them they started, falling out, hitting each other and generally being pains in the ass! Well I just lost it, screamed at them, pushed DS1 out the door and told him he's not meeting his friends as planned this pm. Now I feel terribly guilty, more so because DS1 starts a new school tomorrow and is the only one going from his school so wont see his friends. Both DS's are now in their bedrooms and ive told them they staying there for the rest of the day!!

Now ive calmed down a bit I feel so bad, did I overreact? Is it really too much to expect them to behave? Im sure if I didn't feel so rotten I wouldnt have reacted so strongly but they just drive me mad some days and really make my blood boil with anger!

What would you do now would you relent and let him go out with his friends? Just feel so useless!

Twinsmommy Mon 07-Sep-09 12:56:43

I'd relent and let him go! Only because you feel so dreadful today and you will then only have one to deal with

Enjoy your afternoon.

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