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What a 3yo would say IF - read that IF - he were on some sort of narcotic...

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longtermfamilyplanning Mon 07-Sep-09 10:32:56

DH and I were burning incense yesterday, which we dont normally do, so it was quite an exciting thing for DS who was watching it up on the mantelpiece.

Then DS asked DH to help him learn how to hop on one foot and DH said, sure but where did you hear about doing that? As we have never mentioned hopping on one foot and we love hearing about all the stuff he ends up learning on his own. And DS said "The smoke told me to do it!" laughing hysterically, pointing to the incense!!!! shock

DH and I were laughing so hard as it was just such a bizarre thing for DS to come out with! Where on earth did he get that from??!?!? It is really just incense nothing dodgy... hmm

JimmyMcNulty Mon 07-Sep-09 11:17:50


Dunno. But ds1 (also 3) was talking to his socks this morning and they were talking back.

Presumably my ds and yours have the same supplier.

longtermfamilyplanning Mon 07-Sep-09 15:32:27

hmm... must be some good apples going around!

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