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I had my friend's 3 year old daughter last night.

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GenuinelyNotATroll Mon 07-Sep-09 08:15:31

She is polite, attentive, capable and pleasant. She has listened to everything I have said, looked at me while I said it, and not spilt/injured/broken/lost anything.

Ds2 is the same age, hasn't listened to much I've said, but has still behaved well.

Ds1 has been so unbearable that I have had to send him to his room to stop me doing something I regret. he has spun round and hit the little ones in the eye, everything I say is met with attitude... he doesn't listen to me. I'm really fed up of the grueling job that is caring for ds1. And I'm not just down on him, eveyone I know says he is hard work ... and I love him deeply. He's still being unbearable though. It's got to the point this am that I've told him to stay upstairs until it is time to leave and he can have breakfast on the way to school, because I can't deal with his stamping, shouting, attitude, throwing, thrusting objects in people's faces etc any more.

GenuinelyNotATroll Mon 07-Sep-09 08:16:10


I really wish at least one of mine had been a girl now I know what a pleasure they are to have around sad

weegiemum Mon 07-Sep-09 08:21:48

One of them being a girl may well not have made any difference.

Your description of your ds1 could just about as well have been my dd2 this morning! Top spiller/breaker in our house (apart from me blush) is dd1.

But sorry to hear that you are struggling - I think some children are just harder work than others at different times. Do you get a chance to have a break? You sound pretty worn out (at least all of mine go to school now!)

Not sure what I am saying - just listening, I suppose, but you have to say something to show you are listening, cos otherwise how would you ever know!

AboardtheAxiom Mon 07-Sep-09 08:22:13

Not all girls are capable, polite attentive and pleasant. Trust me I know several mums of girls who say the opposite of what you are saying.

How old is DS1?

juuule Mon 07-Sep-09 08:22:16

Is your friend's dd as well behaved for her? Sometimes they behave differently for other people and feel relaxed with parents so let it all go at times.

Does your ds behave well when he's somewhere and you're not there?

GenuinelyNotATroll Mon 07-Sep-09 08:28:51

No, this little girl is generally lovely.

And your right, jusdging by my sister and I as children, I'd have had the same problem with girls if they carried my genes.wink

Ds1 is just 7. he doesn't behave when he's somewhere and I'm not there. It's usually not deliberately spiteful and naughty though, just klutzy (which isn't so much misbehavior as annoying)

Sugarmagnolia Mon 07-Sep-09 09:30:19

I have one of each and my friends with only boys often look at my DD(8) and go “oh, she's so lovely, polite, helpful, sweet, smiley” etc, etc etc. What they often don't see is that she's also extremely independent and strong-willed. While I'm sure this will be good for her in life it can often be very difficult to be her mother. Whereas my DS who can be loud and boisterous and cheeky can also be much more laid back and easy going which, personally, I think makes parenting him much easier. I guess what i'm saying is that i think boys and girls both bring their own unique challenges!

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