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baby screams when father comes round

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SevernTrentWater Sun 06-Sep-09 15:17:31

my baby starts screaming whenever her father comes round - she doesn't do this with anyone else, we argued all through my pregnancy and i used to get very upset and he left at the end, but i dont feel any bad feelings towards him now. is it possible for a 6 week old to have memories or is it coincidence?

mmrred Sun 06-Sep-09 15:28:18

How often does he come round? How relaxed are you both when he does?

Far more likely that the baby is picking up your/his tension than any kind of memory. What about varying the times he comes over, change the place, maybe let him take her out in the pram so she gets used to the sound of his voice.

Be pro-active and keep him involved!

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