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Activities for a 13 month old?

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Maria2007 Sun 06-Sep-09 10:50:20

Hi, I have a very active 13 month old little boy who is running around all day long. We've been on holiday at my parents' for 10 days now- staying until mid-september- and it's very interesting for me to watch him with other kids around (his cousins, all a bit older than him). He's entertained all the time & is just growing before my very eyes!

Last year we spent most of our time at home or at the park, with 1-2 baby groups (at most) every week. This year I want to structure things a bit more, just to make sure he's having fun, as I think he gets bored very easily. I don't want to spend loads of money on things like gymboree etc, so any ideas about things to do either outdoors or indoors with a little boy between 1-2? (He'll start part-time nursery when he's 2). He's a handful at the moment (although very cute) so I want to prevent boredom as much as I can, and make it fun for both him & me from september onwards.

BertieBotts Sun 06-Sep-09 13:44:14

I have an 11 month old, we go to the park with other mums + babies, there are toddler groups, swimming is good, also soft play (you need to go a few different times in the week at first to work out when it is quietest in the younger childrens' section) - but much cheaper than Gymboree.

The Childrens' Centre is fab and has loads of different free groups running - see what yours has locally. At home you can do water play or messy play in the bath or in a tray with things like cooked spaghetti, he's probably a bit young for cornflour-and-water goop. And paint probably would get eaten!

Wrong time of year now but we are getting DS a sandpit next summer as we have just been on holiday and he loved the beach so much.

See if your local library has any rhyme time/story time sessions or similar. Groups which have songs and dancing or actions are good. And/or buy a DVD of sing and sign, baby signing is great fun. We are doing the classes but they are more expensive than other music-based groups.

Maria2007 Sun 06-Sep-09 16:02:17

Yes, story time / rhyme time is a good idea, actually at least 2-3 libraries around our area have that. I'll definitely do that from september... And sign & sign is a good idea, hadn't thought of that (and messy play is good too, also haven't tried that). Specifically about messy play: you mentioned cooked spaghetti, or water play in the bath. I love both those ideas. Other things to play with messily?

Maria2007 Sun 06-Sep-09 16:02:35

(Although now that I think of it, he can probably make a mess with anything grin).

BertieBotts Sun 06-Sep-09 17:18:09

Most sing and sign courses run during term time so if you want to do that I'd ring up quickly and see if there are any places left for this term. It's quite pricey though, £55 for the 10 sessions here. It's the only session we do though so I thought why not.

The water and spaghetti were ideas from the lady at my local Children's Centre actually. The spaghetti just comes from the idea that if they eat it, it doesn't matter. She only mentioned it because I was being sceptical about the idea of messy play for children under about 18 months. You could strip him down (put the heating on!) and put trays or bowls of different-textured things in the bath for him to explore, off the top of my head, there is jelly, custard, cereal... loads of foods. Of course if you do BLW he will be exploring all these textures anyway. But it might be fun to let him loose with them all in the bath or somewhere else you can hose down!

pigleychez Sun 06-Sep-09 22:03:22

I have a 13mth old..

Things we do are :

Local NCT toddler group - £1

Regularly meet up with friends with same/similar aged LO's. Either at each others houses, local park or softplay.

We reguarly visit the farm (and also stock up from the farmshop)

At home :

Drawing with crayons
Painting- both with fingers and brushes
Messy play- Gloop, cooked spaghetti, playdough etc

Large cardboard box play

Fabric play- Large bits of fabric to wrap round ourselves, float around.

Swimming every 2 weeks
We start swimming lessons tomorrow too.

calypsoblue Sun 06-Sep-09 22:20:56

swimming hmm

Maria2007 Mon 07-Sep-09 18:42:12

Calypso: why the hmm face? What's wrong with swimming? hmm

pigleychez Tue 08-Sep-09 09:51:15

Yeah.. I was wondering that too?

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