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has anyone had single jabs for MMR

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billiejo Wed 01-Jun-05 13:45:59

i've got my little boy booked for his first single vacc of measles ( rubella and mumps to follow in 6-8 week intervals) i was just wondering if anyone else had gone the single jab route and if so, was everything ok. Naturally, like any parent i've lost loads of sleep over whether to do single or MMR combined, have been looking on the net for pro's and cons, most of the cons with singles seem to centre around the fact that the child would would be open to these illnesses for longer whilst waiting for an adequate time lapse in-between. Has anyone heard any other poss probs?
thanks, billiejo.x

littlerach Wed 01-Jun-05 13:56:13

We had single jabs for DD1 and everything was fine. We did have to wait a while for her mumps one but only an extra month I think.
At the time, children were given the MMR at 15 ish months and DD1 had her first separate one at 12 months, then the next 6 weeks later and the last one was when she was 18 months, I think, so really she wasn't open to the illness for much longer than any other child. Actually she was 16 months as we'd just moved!

We will do the same for DD2.

billiejo Wed 01-Jun-05 14:08:27

thanks littlerach,
my little boy will be 18 mnths by the time he gets his first and almost 21 by the time they're all done, there wasn't anything i could do about that because where i'm getting them done won't accept the child until they're 15mnths and then there was a waiting list. I just hope i'm doing the right thing?

ChocolateGirl Wed 01-Jun-05 19:59:08

We had single jabs for ds1 (who is now nearly 5) and they were fine. We did have to wait an extra few months for the mumps one though as there was a worldwide shortage or something. Another mum I know also went for single jabs and her child reacted badly to the measles jab.

I have since given ds1 the MMR booster and it was fine.

DS2 has had his first MMR jab and that was fine and he will soon be due for his booster.

DD will have her first MMR jab soon and obviously I hope it will be fine.

We decided against going for single jabs again as they are/were getting harder to get, the govt seemed to be clamping down on their availability. Also, I heard there was more measles around. And I saw a programme on tv which suggested that Dr Wakefield had made up some of his test results in that controversial report... so all in all we reluctantly decided to go down the MMR route.

My hv said that no child that she knows of has ever reacted to it.

It is a really difficult decision. It was hard enough when ds1 was a baby but when it came time to think about whether or not to give a booster I found that even harder. A booster is not generally recommended, I believe, but only a blood test will tell whether or not your child is immune.

By the way, we made sure that none of the 2 month, 3 month and 4 months jabs had mercury in.

Davros Wed 01-Jun-05 22:15:14

Yes but we were told to wait at least 6 mos between them.... so I am waiting!

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