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Teething and pooing

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Pinkmarshmallow Thu 03-Sep-09 16:41:46

Dunno if I'm posting this in the right place...forgive me if I'm not!

DD is 6 months old and this week has started pooing far more frequently. In July she had over a week of was bad, she had it about 10 times a day and everyone said that was teething. Now, it's only about 4 poos a day but they're quite hard and small, about the size of a small pebble.(Sorry for the graphic description blush ) I did start weaning her a few weeks ago so is this new bowel habit due to her new diet or teething....which do you think? She does seem quite unsettled, crying, biting lips and anything she can get her hands on, blowing bubbles and drooling lots...

LottaRump Thu 03-Sep-09 16:44:51

could be teething. mine all had sore botties when they were teething and looser poops,

ToffeeCrumble Thu 03-Sep-09 16:58:07

Yes a runny tummy is linked to teething. It's because when they teeth they produce extra saliva which they swallow and it causes a runny tummy. The other symptoms sound like teething too. Calpol will help if she is having trouble sleeping or is miserable

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