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12 week old very painful wind- please help!!

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ktlou82 Thu 03-Sep-09 10:13:32

I have recently stopped breastfeeding and am now using Cow and Gate and since the switch over my 12 week old is suffering from really painful wind. This is mainly in the night and he will wake up screaming and tensed up and its really hard to get him back to sleep. Every time he farts he screams even more. I always make sure I wind him well after every feed and am using gripe water but this doesn't seem to be doing anything. I've tried doing cycling motions with his legs but this doesn't seem to be helping. Hes pooing at least twice a day so isn't constipated. Any advice would be much appreciated!!

FernieB Thu 03-Sep-09 13:05:22

My nephew was like this as a baby. They used infacol and may have actually got something else from the pharmacy. It's worth going to see a pharmacist to see what they recommend (mine saved me from many trips to a doctor). He suffered all the way until he went on solids which he did at 12 weeks and then was much better.

shellmc Thu 03-Sep-09 15:31:16

Hiya, I had the same trouble with my ds he is 13 weeks old now, he started with these wind pains at about 8 weeks he is too on cow and gate!! He would bring his little legs right up to his chest and cry in pain we tried everything to console him, we tried infacol and gripe water which didnt seem to help. We were told by hv that it was a touch of colic and was recommended to try colief which we have used for 5 weeks now, he has been great. we are slowly trying to bring him off it now.
I would maybe talk to gp or hv see what they recommend but i can tell you Colief was a life saver for us, it is expensive £10.99 but well worth it xxxx

Pinkmarshmallow Thu 03-Sep-09 16:07:10

I also recommend colief, it's the best there is out there. You can try and get it on perscription. Also try some clock-wise massage on his tummy, go quite hard so that it is more effective. Hopefully it's just the switchover of milk and soon he'll be used to it.

bevlin Wed 16-Sep-09 14:00:26

Try Aptimal. Hospital had to syringe feed DS for first week as he wouldn't feed and I couldn't express. They use it with early babies because "it is gentler on the stomach and has pro-biotic in it".
I kept this in mind and when I switched to bottle eventually I only ever used that.

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