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Teething - tips/ tricks/ advice

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TurtleAnn Thu 03-Sep-09 09:13:57

DS (4 months) has just started teething. Well i think so...
crying, chewing insanely on his hands, drooling, very unsettled at night

I am flying to Spain tonight and would like some tips and tricks on helping him feel better.

Do I feed him his bottle during take-off (while hurtling down the runway) or just after take-off (while rising rapidly through the sky)?
I know he already has earache because he keeps holding his ears and head and crying then chewing madly on his hands again.

I tried letting him chew on a damp flannel and I am not sure it worked - any other ideas.
I have Calpol and Bonjela but I can't keep pouring these into him!

He is off his milk (but he's quite heavy for his age so I think he will be fine for a few days - 8kg). His Dad is tall!

SheWillBeLoved Thu 03-Sep-09 09:37:57

I'd start feeding it during take off if possible, the sucking will help with any ear popping which will be painful if he already has earache.

Could you get one of those water filled teething rings and keep it cool for him to nuzzle on? Also try gently massaging his gums with a clean cold finger. Tried this on my 6mo niece recently and she seemed to love it. My finger however was a numb, wrinkled mess at the end of it from being dunked in iced water and then chewed on for half an hour grin

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