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OMG DD (4) has just given me the fright of my life - sharing as a warning!

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Sycamoretree Wed 02-Sep-09 22:08:53

So apologies, this is a cut and paste from another thread I chat on just to save me typing out again:

I'm in a state of shock

So, being the mother of the year that you all know I am wink I put DD to bed and proceeded to make her a small wedge of cheese out of cotton wool and felt. You know, because she got this nice new mousey toy for being Claudia Schiffer for the day (DD did a photoshoot today as a favour for a friend starting up a business) which is similar to a little rabbit she has.

Except the rabbit has a little carrot in it's pocket in case it gets hungry. DD likes to take it out and feed it to the rabbit.

The mousey also has pockets, but nothing to eat. So DD decides Mousey needs a piece of cheese and as I feel a bit bad about putting her through all that photography this morning I thought I will make her a tiny piece of cheese.

So I lovingly sew a piece of yellow felt stuffed with cotton wool and I think, I know, I'll sneak into her room and put it in mousey's pocket and it will be there when she wakes up and I will be mother of the year etc etc.

So I go up and she's all scrupled in her duvet. I can't see mousey so I gently try and roll her...

WTF is that up the back of her pj's???

I'm thinking, how on earth did she get hold of my red felt covered hot water bottle???

But NO ladies....

What it actually is, right, is the little cute bag she was also given today, into which she has stuffed both Mousey and Rabbit to keep them warm....

But as I try to pull the bag from her sleepy back it becomes clear the handles are over her head, around her neck, twisted twice and hence the bag bit is up her back.

shock shock shock

The handles are so short I couldn't put them over my head.

She was hot, sweaty but completely unaware of the state she was in. Fast asleep.

I woke and her got her untangled and she just burst into tears because she thought she was in trouble for getting out of bed and getting the bag off her drawers.

My heart was racing so much I just didn't know what to say to her. I just though, fucking hell, of all the days to make a triangle of cheese out of felt and then sneak upstairs to put it into a toy mouses pocket, I do it today.

And thank FUCK I did.

OMG, I'm still shaking thinking about it.

I just never would have imagined leaving something as benign as a little hand stitched cloth bag designed for little girls around could be so frickin' hazardous.

I'm now officially going to become a paranoid mum.

You heard it here first.

You think I should post this on a thread as a warning to other mamas and papas, or am I having an over reaction to my PFB being in mortal frickin' peril at the hands of some middle class frippery for children??????

blissa Wed 02-Sep-09 22:13:01

How scarey.

I once found my then 6 yr old dd1 in bed with a blanket tied round her neck like a cape.

Like you say, thank God we checked

dizzymare Wed 02-Sep-09 22:20:59

That's made me run cold, and now I'm going to waddle down and check ds again.

Thank goodness you checked.

xxxxBAMBOOxxxx Wed 02-Sep-09 22:21:33

Thank heavens you discovered her.

wilkos Wed 02-Sep-09 22:30:41

the the sickening feeling you get when something like this happens is just

at my mil's the other day me and dss were sat on the grass in the garden looking at photos while dd (2) ran about. heard a little whimper, looked round......she had run around the swing ball pole and managed to get the cord wrapped tightly around her neck. in her panic she was pulling and it was getting tighter and tighter

if she had been on her own out there for even 30 seconds god knows what would have happened

shock and sad

barbareebaa Wed 02-Sep-09 22:32:57

i have a theory that everyone has some near death experience that occured when they were a child.
when i was 3 my trike fell over and the handle bar went down my throat (no rubber bit on either - just metal) sliced that dangly bit at the back of my throat nearly off, bled loads remember my mum stuffing tea towels into my mouth trying to stop the blood. shock
anyway here i am, fine grin my sis and bro and most of the people i know have their own story about a bad accident/ event.
i think it was michael j fox who said something like raising young kids is being on constant suicide watch!
i hope you've recovered now!
all the best x

ShowOfHands Wed 02-Sep-09 22:35:37

Thank goodness you checked on her.

DH had left his study door unlocked the other day (first floor) and dd had let herself in (early in the morning, we were still sleeping). It's the only upstairs room without locks on the windows. I don't know what made me get up but I awoke suddenly and felt I had to check on dd. She had pushed a box over to the window, climbed on it, opened the window and was climbing over the sill.

My heart stopped. I am so glad I woke up and decided to check on her.

Sycamoretree Wed 02-Sep-09 22:53:23

Oh god, you are all making me feel much better just sharing your shock stories.

I felt like I was in some kind of horror movie when I checked on her.

Well, I didn't really check either did I. I just went in to deliver her a secret piece of miniature faux cheese FGS!!!

Snorbs Wed 02-Sep-09 23:16:33

I once went upstairs during the day to check on my DD who was (so I thought) playing quietly in her bedroom. I opened the door to see her standing on the window ledge. The outside window ledge. My heart nearly stopped...

Glad your DD's ok!

Sycamoretree Wed 02-Sep-09 23:24:23

Snorbs - that is v. strange because there is also someone further up this thread with similar window sill issue - and I also remember someone on another thread a while back who had been playing a hiding game with her DD for weeks at bedtime and the DD would also hide on the window sill behind the curtains...only this time they'd left the window open as twas summer and all, and they also discovered her standing on the ledge..outside.


I think yours wins grin

Wonderstuff Wed 02-Sep-09 23:36:11

Thank goodness you checked on her. I feel panicky just reading this thread so goodness knows how shaken you must be. Toddlers just have no sense of danger at all. My dd is just into everything I try to be as chilled as I can but I lie awake at night worrying. This thread has confirmed I'm not mad, I do need to watch her like a hawk.
Also reminded me when I was little we had a big landing with a big banister type thing and I thought I wonder if i can climb over that and climb down to the hall. I fell from the top rather than climbing down and dropping gently and winded myself, I so could have broken my neck.

maybebaby23 Thu 03-Sep-09 09:01:38

OMG this reminds me of something that happened to ME, i wasn't a small child though! blush I was about 16 years old. I had a desk lamp on my windowsill, it was a low windowsill and the wire ran from the lamp straight down to the floor. The head end of my bed was against that wall. I once woke up with the wire wrapped 3 times around my neck!!! This really scared me, i must have done it in my sleep or something?? Crazy. Check on your teenagers as well lol

xxxxBAMBOOxxxx Thu 03-Sep-09 13:52:23

I saw a little girl, only about a year old, get her neck wrapped up in goal netting at a playgroup thing I was at this morning - you really can't take your eyes off them

bevlin Wed 16-Sep-09 14:17:27

Oh FFS, right so let me think, I need to empty DS's room of furniture, toys and soft furnishings, which can safely be returned when he is 18, maybe.
Get DH to board up windows and set alarm once an hour ro check on him.
Has anyone had any incidents involving sleeping bags? I need to know they are safe now.
Im ill here, the bag story made me sweat, the outside window sill stories made all the blood in my body fall into my feet. These things would end in me having a heart attack, I worry enough.
The other day my DS was walking up a metal chute ladder in park when he decided to wave to his grandma and he flew backwards head first. I somehow managed to clear the the good 10ft gap between us, grab him in mid air enough to break the fall and my arm in the process! I accidently put my arm under the metal handrail before throwing it up to grab him. It resembles a streaky bacon in bruises right now.
On a serious note, a friend of a friends nephew was found hanging from his blind cord at the window in the morning by his poor mum. Please everyone make sure they are at least tied up baring in mind the little stunt devils will drag furniture to get to them.

bubblegumsupermum Wed 16-Sep-09 14:43:59

Glad your little girl is ok smile

My DD was all hot and cold with cold like symptoms the other night, I checked one minute she had all duvets off her, the next covered up to her neck, well you all know the symptoms I'm sure!!

When I went to check on her before I went to bed (which I don't always do as sometimes this wakens her, so I just pop my head in) as I got closer I realised her arms were inside her nightie, she must have got shivvery and popped her arms inside, but when she got sweaty again, she must have been wriggling about, and her nighty had rode up, as her arms were inside and she was wriggling the nighty was wrapped round her neck twice, I managed to get it off, it was hard as her skin was sticky with sweat, what a fright I got, I've told her it's P.J.'s from now on!!

motherbeyond Wed 16-Sep-09 14:44:16

i second that,my friend heard a whimper and went into the living room..her 4 year old was standing on the arm of the sofa,with the blind cord wrapped twice around her neck...imagine if she'd slipped.

my own horror dh and i were getting ready,dd (3)downstairs ds about 14 months at time,upstairs with us.he was playing in the nursery,we were brushing our teeth,and her a strange noise. both ran into nursery to find ds on floor with the monitor wire wrapped a couple of times tightly round his neck..he was red and choking.dh and i had to sit down for a while to recover from trauma...ds was initially upset,but fine 5 mins later..
it was around the same time that mike tyson's little girl was found dead in his gym,with the cord of a running machine around her neck.sad

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